Monday, February 2, 2009

A Flair Post

Told you I was gonna do it...
My grade school friend Rachel was the person who first introduced me to pomegranates. I truly don't know how she ever found any when we were growing up, because the grocery stores in small towns like the one I'm from almost never have obscure things like pomegranates. But after discovering them, I'd make a big deal about getting one when they were in season (which is like 2 weeks out of the year, I think).

This flair helps me remember the time I went to Vienna during "Jan Term." (OH, how I LOVED Jan Term. Yes, I know, I'll need to explain...but you'll have to wait on that one for now...) I obsessively sought out an open market JUST so I could get a pomegranate. I ended up buying TWO because I was afraid I might not get back out to the market and then what would I do?!? (I have a problem with Great Depression-mentality. In other words, I like to stock up.) And I ate them both...all by myself!


  1. I LOOOOOOOOOVE pomegranates. My mom brought one home at some point in my childhood and I was hooked. Do you eat them one-seed-at-a-time, being careful not to burst a single one, or do you cut into it and pull big ol chunks out at a time?
    I actually bought a pomegranate tree, but it died. It got ONE bloom on it, but my dog ate the bloom, then it was too hard to keep the thing alive over winter :( but I might try again someday... oh how nice it would be to have my own pomegranate tree.

  2. And I loved Jan Term... If only life could be a big long Jan Term, that would be the best. I'd go back to college for that.

  3. Becca- That's crazy! Hmm...I eat pomegranates both ways, depending on my mood. You?

    Heather- Me too!

  4. I'm the former, David is the latter, and I can hardly stand to watch him do it b/c so many seeds get busted in the process! I eat one seed at a time, or I might pick out several ever so carefully and then eat them, but I'd never cut into one b/c so many go to waste.
    Yeah, I really need to try a tree again so I won't be so neurotic about wasting them... lol


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