Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snips, Snails & Pretty Pigtails

Noah has a fascination with infomercials and those "blue-screen, order-now" commercials." He will sit and watch them all the way through, totally in awe of what amazing things those products can do. He sincerely believes they could make our lives better, and that they are the solution to many a problem (even ones he didn't know he had). In fact, if he sees a "need" arise, he often tells us everything he knows about these products and just exactly where we can find them. One day I was particularly disgusted with the unsolicited phone calls I was receiving from automated "Heather with Card Services" who just wanted to tell me about an offer for lower interest rates or some such nonsense. I was openly frustrated and told the kids NOT to answer the phone--the machine could get it. The calls kept coming, unbeknownst to us as we were busy upstairs. When we came down, there was our now-blinking answering machine. We listened to Heather, and I grumpily DELETED her, when Noah said, "That's so FOOLish!! Why would they CALL us to sell something?! They should just do a commercial on TV!!!"

Saylor playing alone sounds a bit like this: Talking to absolutely no one (except her Calico Critters)..."tAHn-doo (tendu)...flex, tAHHn-dOO...AND!!...LIFT...hop...step AND close!" My little auditory learner.

Gabriel's new favorite word is "Noah!" only it comes out more like "Woh-wah!!" He gets such a kick out of hollering that at the top of his lungs...right after I've hollered it. We totally need an intercom system...

Atticus at 4 months old: His favorite activity of the day is getting dressed--specifically putting on or taking off a shirt--because he is extremely ticklish these days, so we always have lots to giggle about when we're dressing. Oh, and he has a new trick: he uses his feet to grab the dangly toys on his bouncy seat and draw them up close to his hands so he can hold them. He really MAY be a gymnast some day!

Little Atticus finding his voice (2/7/09)

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