Monday, February 2, 2009

An old conversation (via email) I just had to share

Krista: If you could have anything you wanted to ear, what would it be? I need to know ASAP!! Krista

Me: What??!!

Me: What are we talking about? Want to ear???

(There was a phone call somewhere in here to explain the word should have been "eat." haha That still cracks me up!)

Krista: You think I'm crazy, don't you? Just admit it! I hope you have a good night with your kids. I will say a prayer for you before bed. Talk to you soon. Krista

Me: Aren't you??!! :)
Okay...I've been thinking and thinking--a million things have been running through my mind. I mean, if you're talking like a restaurant dish, then good grief, the Boston something-or-other at Cajun's Wharf is yummy, but I don't eat shellfish anymore (hmm); the bread at Macaroni Grill (obviously); plain cheese pizza at US Pizza or Larry's buffet, of course, or really just about any pizza (I can put it away, I'm telling you); white cheese dip at Senor Tequila or Juanita's or just about anywhere; garlic bagel with cream cheese from New York Bagel; cheap sides/apps. at Cozymel's; Tropical Sno homemade vanilla ice cream snow cone (way too seasonal to suit my needs); turkey croissant from Brave New (seriously, that place knows how to make an aesthetically-pleasing but scrumptious meal--been there three times over the past 4 years, but I always say it's my favorite restaurant); drawing a blank...if you're talking home cooking, then my mom's coconut pie (only hers); my grandmother's blackberry cobbler (hers is the best, but I really like it everywhere else, too); my family's Christmas fruitcake (not what you think); cornbread and brown beans (now that's down home!!); and a regular 'ol baked sweet potato...but if you're talking candy, then chocolate-covered raisins; peanut butter M&Ms; just about anything white chocolate; candy corn pumpkins; and all-cherry Spree hearts (a Valentine candy they don't make anymore, apparently)...other faves would be watermelon (I could survive on nothing but watermelon for months, I'm sure of it); pomegranate; cheese; olives (all kinds); cotton candy; breakfast for supper; marshmallows; and ice cream (regular vanilla, coke floats, milk shakes, chocolate sundaes, sherbet, but mostly Cold Stone's cake batter flavor with nothing mixed in). Whew!!!!
That enough info. for you?? I'm sure there's more--I happen to like eating very much!! I'll bet you've learned one thing from this...never try to pin Lori down to pick one anything, especially a favorite. I can't do it; it's not possible. That's what comes of being the most indecisive person on the face of the planet. Now, for the real question: WHY in the world do you want to know, you goofy thing you????
You'd be proud of me...
I'm actually getting in bed right...NOW...!!

(and there you have it) Hahahahaha!!


  1. Lori, you and Krista make me laugh! It's funny that we pretty much like all the same foods (except olives!!). Anyway, thanks for a good chuckle.

  2. Ha! Anytime, my friend! :)
    An old friend of mine wrote this post a while back. You should read it. (about olives)


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