Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long Time, No Post

So...I apologize. I let myself get "all kind of" caught up in my link color problem. I know that sounds dorky, but seriously...BLUE??!! I've actually lost sleep over it! Well, to be clear I don't mean I lay in bed AWAKE thinking about it--because these days there's no way in heaven I could ever be lying down, nestled in my bed (or, for that matter, still and in just about ANY position) and NOT fall straight to sleep--I just mean that I've stayed up many late hours trying to figure it out. I've learned way more about html than I ever intended to learn, yet I still don't quite have things exactly the way I want them. I CAN tell you this, however. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER draft your blog posts in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste into Blogger. Never. Word adds code--unbeknownst to you--which sometimes displays itself in awful ways in your published posts.

Once I started reposting (and I mean, manually retyping) some of my older posts, I finally started getting some results. At least the blue links are gone. (Hooray!) There are still a few little glitches, so if you read this blog via RSS Feed Reader (LOVE my Google Reader) I apologize again, because you're getting post notices for OLD stuff. Nothing I can do about that, unfortunately. Just ignore me, I guess. You certainly don't need to feel obligated to come read the same old stuff again (especially my "Clutter" post--man, I went a little crazy on that one, didn't I?), but you are certainly welcome to check in with us any ol' time. And in the meantime, I'll try to get over myself and get busy posting.

Now...for the other reason I've had better things to do with my time than actually compose something on Blogger:

Click calendar to enlarge

A week later...Noah and Saylor are battling seasonal allergies (aren't we all?). Gabriel's ears are fine (praise the Lord), but he has been diagnosed as lactose intolerant (a temporary condition most likely brought on by the Stomach Bug of the Century back in January, see here). Sure enough, after two days of no dairy he is recognizably better, hungry again, enjoying mealtime again, asking for everything on the table again. This, of course, makes it crazy hard to keep the dairy away, let me tell ya--we've even resorted to hiding the milk and cheese behind the open fridge door and filing the others past to pick up their necessary meal items. But Weed the Peed (our pediatrician is Dr. Weed) has once again proven himself downright awesome.

We are feeling ever so hopeful around here...seeing light at the end of the L-O-NNNN-G tunnel that is winter. Perspective is everything, is it not? I mean, in the very midst of all the nose wiping, bottom wiping, vomit cleaning, doctor visiting, night waking, and constant baby holding there were days (many days) I truly didn't think I could possibly last one more minute. But God. Right? He sustained me (US!) and taught me that if ever there was someone worth wiping, cleaning, holding, soothing, and waking up for, it is most certainly these four.

Valentine's Day 2009


  1. Trust me, I forget far more things my kids do that I *say* "I need to write that down" than I remember to write down.
    I know a lot of baptists who get married in the church, but have the reception elsewhere just so they can dance (or toast with real champagne if they have that desire).

  2. I love the Valentine picture. Ya'll are so creative with your camera or is it your iphoto? I want to do cool things! Fly to Colorado, vacation with me, and teach me how to do cool things with my pictures. I'll even buy beans and weeds and seeds for you to eat!!


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