Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reviewing the Results

American Idol Finale:

Judge video clips. Cute.

Randy's clown bow tie. Not the best.

"Hello" was always one of my faves. Danny singing it was PERFECT! And Lionel Richie to boot!! Wow. Danny, though nervous-looking as all get-out, had a lot of vocal fun on that little medley, didn't he? Awesome!!

Okay. Cindi Lauper always WAS the coolest!!! (Haven't I always said so, Mom? Remember that time I dressed up like her--spray "painted" my hair and everything?!) Love her [music]!!

Scantily-clad women. Didn't I mention this before?? Um, yep. I believe I did. What ever happened to "family show"??

Aww. Rod Stewart. And "Maggie." Nana would have loved that.

Golden Idol Awards. Funny.

Adam. Kiss. How apropos. That's all I've got to say about that.

And the winner is.............................

Kris!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What??!!!

I guess my mom's 300+ votes really DID make a difference! What was it you said, Mom? Will the Arkeys and the Gokeys be enough support for Kris? Well, I'd say the answer is "yes." And there you have it, folks.

And, by the way, thank goodness they lowered the key for him on the cheesy inspirational song. Sounded MUCH better this time.

In the end, the finale seemed a little anti-climatic to me for some reason. At any rate, here's what I'm hoping. I'm hoping the mainstream media doesn't cause a 23-year old Christian NEWLEYWED's faith to falter in the slightest. I'm hoping he will live a life which pleases the Lord and will not be deceived or led astray by the worldly fame and fortune that will be heaped upon him (like Jon and Kate Gosselin). I'm hoping he will put God first and his marriage second and honor his wife (unlike Jon Gosselin) and she him (unlike Kate Gosselin). (Can you tell I'm ever so disgusted with a certain "celebrity" couple?)

In other "results" news...
I placed an order with Oriental Trading on the 13th with an expected delivery date of the 20th. When the package didn't arrive on the 20th I got worried. Sure enough, as of that morning they were estimating delivery on the 26th! Three days after our parties!! I called FedEx. I called OT Customer Service. Neither could/would help. But guess what?! After fuming and wringing my hands for about five minutes, I called Customer Service right back AGAIN. This time I used the word "upset." Suddenly they were offering to overnight a package to me on their dime. Ah. That's more like it. I'll have to thank my husband for teaching me persistence with customer service people...and for recognizing that it never hurts to ask.


  1. Wish I would have watched the AI season now, after watching the final two episodes. I personally loved Adam. I love his little nose snarls and head cocks. And you gotta love a dark, edgy guy who is still all smiley. I can't believe you weren't more on board for Kris all season. What a cutie. (I mean, that's not why I voted for him, of course.)
    And John and Kate, boo!!!


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