Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Case You Haven't Noticed

In case you haven't noticed, I've been reviewing American Idol (here here here and here) and we are almost to the END!! I've enjoyed every second of this (well, almost), but I'm glad to finish off this series and move on with my life. Ha! Now, about Tuesday night's episode:

1) I hated--no HATED--Adam's songs. Both of them. But especially "One." The melody HE came up with was TERRIBLE. And I was disgusted with how the judges shamelessly "chose" him as the winner (before he ever got out there on the stage tonight).
2) Paula picked a boring song for Danny. HE performed it well, but it was a blah song, so nobody will care.
3) I liked both of Kris Allen's songs. (And, yes, I heard the "bum" note, too, but it wasn't THAT loud, Paula.)
4) Danny is still, still, still my very favorite.
5) But I kinda don't want him to win because I'd LOVE for him to make a cool, bluesy Christian album.
6) Adam's probably going to pull it off, and that's just "ick" to me.

Read what Linda from
2nd Cup of Coffee says:

As far as American Idol goes, there's not much to say except: that's a boatload of natural gifting on one stage. Good grief.

My favorite is still Danny Gokey, who was my choice from the first time I saw him, but the other two are brimming with the talent, as well. I do not personally care for Adam's style, but I'm not blind to his ability.

With that said (as they say in "The Bachelor" ad nauseum) I don't believe the premise of the show fits Adam because he has been on big-time stage before, and this show is supposed to pluck unknown underdogs from Denny's and Borders and give them a chance to shine. Also, it's mainly for Pop or Top 40 music, not opera, bluegrass, Broadway or hard rock.

But details, details. In spite of my compulsion as a rule follower to protest, I believe that Adam will win. And you know what? If so, I say, "Ho-hum."

I agree. And that's that. In case you didn't notice, I'm ready for this whole thing to be over. (Last week made me get all negative and stuff...)

And in case you haven't noticed, this is a pretty belated post, considering that the results show just started 10 minutes ago...I'm busy!!!

In case you haven't noticed, you can Follow this blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the left sidebar. (I'm slowly but surely building my fan base so I can...yeah, I don't know. tee hee) Also, if you Twitter, you can follow my tweets by clicking the little bird at the top of the right sidebar, although don't get overly excited. I don't tweet as often as most, since I don't have mobile (internet) phone capabilities (too cheap)...AND I don't know how to text like my friend Heather.

Of course, in case you didn't notice, those of you who already follow me missed SEVERAL posts I did because something was wrong in my Settings. So you may need to read ON (and ON) to catch up with me ('cause I've been on a roll lately)!

In case you haven't noticed (because I have), I have some pretty special friends. My new friend Kelly lent her daughter Katelyn to me Friday night for babysitting so I could attempt to regain my sanity. (More on this later.) My darling and spectacular friend Meredith WROTE ABOUT ME on her blog (for Friendship Friday), and it was the sweetest thing EVER. (No comment about the gross photo. (oops! I guess that's a comment.)) she probably had to scrounge around to find...since I don't allow people to take my picture. That lovely quirk was passed down to me from my mom. Thanks, Mom!)

In case you haven't noticed...

I have FOUR kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!

In case you haven't noticed, I posted this and this and nobody said a word. Okay. Okay!! It's official. I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED comments. Why????? I don't know (whiny tone). This whole blogging thing is really emotionally confusing. I'm still trying to figure out how this thing got started in the first place...

And in case you haven't noticed, this post is jumbled and random and very much belated, but that's just an indication of what kind of week I'm having right now. *smile* How about planning two birthday parties on one day (to occur in a week and a half), wrapping up soccer games (complete with make-up games and everything), ballet/costume craziness, another mini-party the weekend AFTER the two-birthday-party day, not to mention paying bills, and other household issues? Fun, fun, fun.


  1. I whole heartedly agree with your post on AI (and your quoted post). I've been behind Danny from the start but would get yelled at by some folks for not supporting the Arkie! I'm very proud of Kris and I'm thrilled he's in the final two, I'm just not a fan. I was for Danny... and I'm now sad. BUT you are right, he will still make an album and I will for sure buy it.

  2. Agree about Idol. Glad you finally posted. Glad Kris stayed in, wish Danny would have too, but oh well!

  3. now wait....I have I not count?

    I love Danny too, but hope he doesn't win so he doesn't have to sign with IDOL!

  4. lori...just for the record - the picture is SO NOT GROSS! i thought it was precious...taken at saylor's 1st birthday party!!!! i love the fact that it shows your "so lori" smile...

    anyway, just had to clear that up!!!

    p.s. i TOTALLY agree about the comment thing! what is it...i have a compulsion about seeing if anyone will leave a "note"...seems i usually get an "F" in this department!!!! oh well, maybe we'll both hit the big time soon!

  5. Unfortunately, I have no comments about Idol since I've only watched it a couple of times, but, of course, I totally agree with everything you say because YOU SAY IT!!!

  6. Wow, look at all your comments. You're so popular!!! :) And where's your sense of Arkansas loyalty - get on the Kris train already.


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