Sunday, January 10, 2010

Attempting Project 365 Week 1 (or is it 2?)

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Last year (all year long!)
Sara hosted a group of gals for "Project 365." The idea is to take a photo a day to share on your blog. You post once a week and basically describe your week in pictures.

I sort of can't believe I've decided to try this. All things considered. But it seems like an exciting possibility for some consistency on this blog, so it's at least worth a try. I'll be posting on Sundays (hopefully). So now you know. I'm getting a late start (surprised?), because the actual first week was last Sunday, but since it wasn't officially a full week of 2010, I didn't think it was time to start. Or maybe you could just say I had lost track of what day it was, so...duh. Now I'm ready, though. Here we go:


It was truly a day of rest. After church, I mainly sat right HERE all stretched out on Nana's chaise lounge (wrapped up in a Snuggie, no less), blogging and editing photos for the blog. Nice, nice day.


One last photo of the tree before beginning the disassembly process.

Quite possibly my favorite "extra touch" on our tree. Ting ting. Love the sparkle. Love the curly-q's. Love the dimension it adds to the tree. It's just happy stuff.



CHRISTmas Tree Synergy: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

The Aftermath


Noah had his first guitar lesson today. He learned "D," "A," and "E." He was so excited!


Still putting away CHRISTmas. See you next year, Little Drummer Boy.


This boy and his hair. Is it any wonder that I have to carry around dryer sheets (the only thing I use them for!) in my diaper bag??


These two were up and at 'em bright and early. Ready for adventure and excitement...

...ready for the library??

That was our big outing Saturday. A whole two minutes away from the house! Big excitement! Actually, the kids are always excited about the library. I promise. Paul took these photos, so I don't know WHAT these faces are a reaction to. (Bad grammar acknowledgment: what these faces are reacting. That better? I know, I know. Still passive. Whatevs.)


  1. I am so glad you are joining us!!!!

    love a quiet afternoon to catch up on blogging and not feel guilty about it!

    i was so glad to get my decorations down this year, but to be honest, I miss my tree. it was so pretty!

    one of these days you will be posting one of these pictures of Noah playing the guitar next to one of him playing in a band....and it's so great! I love listening to my son play the guitar!

    and that hair....quite precious!

    you know, we really need to quit meeting in bloggyville and have lunch!!!! have your people call my people!

  2. Great week... love the pictures... especially of the static hair... too cute!

    Thanks for visiting my blog...

  3. What a cute tree! Static hair pix are priceless. I use dryer sheets for static too. Ha! Nice to meetcha as well. ;)

  4. I'm so happy you are joining. Welcome! Your tree was beautiful and your boys are so cute. My kids love the library too. We'll keep it that way as long as possible!

    Don't be intimidated about the Project 365 thing. Just take it one day at a time and don't give up if you miss some.

  5. those pictures of your son with the guitar are priceless. my son is 14 and he plays too. There is just something about a boy and his guitar that makes me smile. ;) glad you are joining the group this year. it's so much fun. don't let it get to you ever, just have fun with it.

  6. WHAT ADORABLE daughter and I love the 'electricity hair' shot!!

  7. Love the picture of the hair. Do dryer sheets really work? Never thought of that. Your tree was beautiful.

  8. You have a beautiful Christmas tree and I love the ting ting and little drummer boy! I still have to undecorate. :)

    Adorable little guitarist!

  9. My daughter has that same hair ... NOW I know what to do with all of those dryer sheets sitting unused in my laundry room! THANKS!

  10. i started doing this last year but fell off the wagon about, oh, week 4 or 5! HAHA i'm givin' it another go this year.

    oh that hair! love it. such a cutie too!

  11. Laying on the couch with a laptop...utter bliss!! Your boys are adorable and I LOVE the hair. Your Christmas Tree was beautiful and I like the extra bling.

    Great pictures I look forward to coming back!


  12. Great pictures. Your little ones are adorable! That fleece top and pants are SO soft. I want a pair. My daughters got matching ones for Christmas. I love your little ones hair! It is so cute. I wouldn't even smooth it down. A little Einstein in the making. :) Be back next week!

  13. Cute kids Lori. That hair and the dyer sheets. Uh huh! Very cute!

  14. Joining with everybody else in saying that Atticus' hair is the best!! Love it. I like Noah's too, the haircut is cute. And of course, Gabriel is just precious anyway. Maybe Saylor will make the cut next week???

  15. That hair is the best!!! Great pictures.
    Have a super week!

  16. Sounds like a good idea (photo a day). Cute pics. That's great that Noah is taking guitar lessons.

  17. Welcome to P365!
    Enjoyed all your photos!
    Love the tree, and the fact that you are a late undecorator!
    Good job, Noah!
    Beautiful family!


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