Sunday, September 12, 2010

Project 365: Week 37

Welcome to my Project 365: Cell Phone Edition

That's right. After Family Camp and all the disorganization that followed our return, I've misplaced BOTH of my memory cards. So the camera has been having a little rest this week, I guess you could say. Just warning you.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This is only HALF the amount of laundry we brought back from camp. And I have no motivation whatsoever to get started on this monster.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For one of Noah's school activities today, we played The Allowance Game. This is, by the way, one of the best games I've ever seen for teaching kids to make change, etc. in a real-life setting. I used this game in my second-grade classroom back in the day, and I still love it. It's a lot like Monopoly in many ways (note: it can go on and on), but it's played in terms kids can relate to. Every time you come back "Home," you get your $3.00 allowance. Then you might buy bubble gum or lose some money and do some little jobs here and there along the way, giving lots of opportunities for kids to count out payment, make even exchanges, and make change. Saylor plays with us and works more on coin identification and basic counting. It's all about exposure for her. Really, I can't say enough good stuff about it. (Can you tell?)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tonight we went out for Paul's birthday. I noticed the boys all had on stripes (quite by accident), so we tried to get a quick picture of that. Of course, in this picture, you can only tell that two boys have on stripes.

Daddy's chosen restaurant has a fish pond.

We went home for dessert. I had baked a "healthy" coconut pie. Everyone seemed to like it, despite the fact that it didn't look very appetizing. Especially the meringue. Ewww. That's what I get for leaving the egg whites in the mixer and walking away! (Never do that.) Anyway, Gabriel was so cute because he kept dancing around saying, "I 'cited, Daddy, I 'cited!"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Today was Saylor's first day back at ballet. And it's in a new studio! Same group; new (very snazzy, very kid-friendly) studio. The best part by FAR is that we're in a homeschool class time!! 11:30 a.m. How nice is that?! No more dealing with Rush Hour traffic and late suppers! (Well, at least not that can be blamed on ballet rehearsal...)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Game Day. And while this is NOT our vehicle, we DO have about this much team spirit today...deep, down in our hearts. Spirit. But no tickets. Boo hoo!

Okay. As of TODAY I now have ONE memory card found. I am so thankful. And you will be, too, come next week, right? That is, if you're still around... bleh! Thank you, Sara, for hosting our very fun project--even when it's done entirely on a cell phone. 


  1. Our laundry pile looked like that after returning from Kids Camp this year! I don't mind the whole post was done by cell phone, but am super excited for you that you found your memory card because it would make me nuts if I misplace mine :)

  2. Those were some great photos for you cell phone. Laundry always seems more daunting when you come back from vacation...blah! and Yay for a great ballet excited for her smile too. and that is some serious razorback fans! lol

  3. I had a computer game very similar to the allowance game that my kids played...I just can't remember the name!!!

    So was the birthday dinner at Cock on the Walk? That is where I chose to go on my birthday last year! yum!!!

    Had to go to Sam's on Saturday...was DREADING it. However, it was EMPTY due to the game...niiice!

  4. Love family camp - but agree with the laundry - overwhelming! A while back we started a new laundry system, everyone has there own day and I do whites, towels, sheets thrown in there. It helps with that awful dread of doing 5+ loads in one day and lets the kiddos learn/help do their own laundry. Also helped coming back from camp - I knew it would all eventually get done!
    I love the game - I will definitely need to check into that one!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby, I love the kiddos excitement about it, so sweet!
    We also have a homeschool time for karate - so nice to free up some evening time!

  5. Boy, that IS an impressive pile of laundry. Blech!

    I’ll bet that pie was really good – I like coconut pies a lot.

    I just talked to my old boss – her three year old twins are now taking dance. I’ll bet watching little girls learn to dance is the cutest thing!

  6. Laundry, one of the worst things about camp or a vacation. lol

  7. We often lose things and are convinced there is a 'hole in the universe' that sucks up stuff never to be found again...well, I hope not.
    Glad you found ONE memory card, at lest.
    It is SO hard to get the picture you want of wiggly little kids, yet I much prefer the spontaneous to the posed.

  8. Not too bad for a cell phone!
    Oh, all that laundry...YIKES! Family camp is definintely worth it though.
    Fun birthday dinner!!
    Wow, that truck is really decked out.


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