Thursday, September 9, 2010

They Say It's (His) Birthday

Happy Birthday to my best friend and love of my life...

...a man who will apparently don Wikki Stix glasses at a formal wedding rehearsal dinner. With no shame.

Really. How can I resist? Because, ladies, you know that men like this are the kind who get out in the yard and throw the football with their boys, read silly bedtime stories to their babies, play dress-up with their little girls, pray over their children, and change the dirtiest of diapers. And all of this after they've had a long, hard day at work! This is the kind of man I pray God has for Saylor, and I'm ever so thankful to have one for myself.


  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday, I'm guessing here but you don't know a day over 25. Am I right? ;) love, liz schultz

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!!

  3. Oh Amen! I have one too!

    Happy Birthday!

  4. couldn't have said it better! you definitely got a great catch! happy birthday, paulie! we miss yall tons...wanna come to s'port?!? :)


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