Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project 365: Week 38

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We got up this morning and, half-planned, half on-a-whim, decided to hop in the car and drive four hours to Missouri. Because sometimes? Sometimes...we're crazy like that. We were wanting to go to the "Ozark Sustainability Festival" being held there--to see what we could learn in preparation for what's next in our lives (selling the house, buying some land perhaps, and living off of it). We also wanted to see how well the kids could do driving for that long, since we are hoping to drive to Virginia this fall. The trip was not. my favorite part. But at least it wasn't horrific or anything. (Nobody threw up! So that's always a plus. Ha!) 

Once there, we visited booths, displays, and even workshops on all manner of things, from solar energy to goats' milk. The kids had a blast with all the animals. Even Saylor! Our little dog-hater actually found a dog breed she quite likes--the Long-haired Dachsund, of all things.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Paul stayed home and we ran errands and relaxed all day. Atticus and I noticed this little number (the pink one) in one store. It's somewhat unsettling to know that I owned a shirt and leggings almost exactly like this. Only, if I remember correctly, mine was black stars instead of black checks...and to really create a picture for you, it had a narrow black belt...and I wore a black banana clip...and I may or may not have worn it while singing some ridiculous Michael Bolton song at junior high Homecoming. (Or was it Debbie Gibson? Good grief. Either way...ewwww!)

This is Atticus saying, "Pleeeeze tell me you didn't do that, Mommy!"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I got this 100-piece puzzle at Good Will for $1.00. It was one of Noah's Workbox activities today.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I caught Noah going through a word book with Gabriel right before bed tonight. Noah would say, "What's this, Gabe?" and "That's right!! Good job!" They both enjoyed themselves so much. Even Atticus climbed up and joined in. So, Noah's pretty much officially enlisted as my Speech Therapy Assistant.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It was "Teddy Bear Night" at our library. The younger three wore their pajamas and brought a favorite stuffed animal.

Gabriel enjoyed going on the "Bear Hunt," especially when we went through the mud. (Not surprising.)

The surprising thing was that we ran into a few of our friends!

Saylor had a good time making the teddy bear craft with her girlfriends.

And Noah enjoyed the books.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A few nights ago at bath time, I had to pass the water-warming-up time with Atticus by focusing him on something other than the very sad reality that he could not keep playing in the dirt outside and did, in fact, have to come in, have a bath, and go to bed. In desperation, I grabbed a handful of foam letters which had previously been confiscated during one of my mad stuff-removal sprees. I showed him a letter and said, "What's this?" Well, he told me. I had no idea he would. In fact, he told me the sounds of the whole pile of letters...except for the "x." So tonight the bigger kids helped me video him doing it again.

How? you ask. We are firm believers in this movie.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Daddy left urrrrrly Friday morning for depositions in Florida. We HATE it when he's gone. But he got back to Little Rock just in time for the game today! A convenient "coincidence," wouldn't you say? ;) As if his very presence wouldn't have been good enough, he even came bearing gifts for the kiddos!

This is no ordinary egg, by the way. It contains a toy alligator that will hopefully hatch out after some soaking time in a cup of water. What I really needed--but didn't get--was a picture of Atticus with his "pa-pane" (airplane), because Paul could never have found a more appropriate gift for that little guy. It seems that all his favorite things are up in the sky (the moon, the clouds, and...airplanes). He has not stopped flying his plane around for two days now!

Of course, Paul can't let me just mention the game. I mean, this is the man who, despite the fact that our family gets along just fine without any TV, has now purchased cable "JUST for a few months" so we can get through college football season! He was thinking we definitely needed a picture of this...

...the winning touchdown!!!!!

Yeah, baby! Sorry, Georgia fans. It was OUR day today!  
Woo Pig Sooie!!

And that pretty much sums it up! I wonder if our lovely hostess, Sara, and her family have been sucked in yet by the phenomenon that IS the Razorback culture. You know, you don't have to be FROM here to love the Hogs!  :)  


  1. I think once upon a time I used to have an outfit like that as well...just guessin'! And what a fun outing on Sunday...looked like a beautiful day. My kids used to love going to the library for fun nights like that. And I LOVE the Letter factory and word factory from Leap Frog...I use it in my kinder classroom and both of my boys learned their letters and sounds watching it as well...we have it in VHS and DVD! I recommend it to the parents of students who are having a hard time grasping letter sounds. Have a good week.

  2. It's kinda funny how often we both link up our 365 posts one right after the other :)

    My kids love the book we are going on a bear hunt. I'll bet it was a fun one to do as a group at the library.

    I also used the letter factory quite often when my kids were smaller, I think that's why my daughter had all the letters and sounds down at three and a half.

  3. HOW? is right. Atticus is a genius. Can he help my children? I was in MO last weekend, too; wish I'd known about the festival. Don't be hatin' on Michael Bolton and Debbie Gibson. That was some good stuff.

  4. Banana clips. I'd almost forgotten about those... supressed memory perhaps? ;) Those pix of Atticus... be still, my heart!! We're giving workboxes a try soon. Any tips? {I'm about to raid the $1 sections!}

  5. yayy..such cutey kids and it was YOUR day over our DAWGS...congratulations, ya'll looked AWESOME!

  6. we also kinda sponateously just went for a 4 hour drive this weekend with our 6.

    fun pictures.

    i have heard good things about that dvd.

  7. You know I have a picture of me dressed similarly (except my hair was short at the time, so no banana clip). Hmm - I think there's a banana clip in my hair supplies - perhaps now would be the time to try it out again :)

  8. Glad your trip went well. Can I just say that the kids look so at home with all of the animals there. I think your family will do awesome at your new adventure!!
    So, you will not be purchasing that outfit?! I will raise your banana clip, one tight rolled jean and 2 shoulder pads! :)
    We love Letter Factory here too!! Excellent..."every letter makes a sound"......
    Have a super week!!


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