Monday, January 9, 2012

Counting Out Loud (1-24)

Do you remember when I wrote about Counting to One Thousand? Well, it's a new year, and I was thinking it might be might be a helpful exercise for this selfish heart of make it a daily habit. To list things as they come share them with you. So I'm daring to take the "Joy Dare," and I pray that as I count the gifts that my Father bestows on me, my gratitude will equal greater joy in Him.

Three things about Myself I am Grateful For:

#1 The touch of keys that open my heart

#2 Songs overflowing from within

#3 A hunger and thirst for righteousness


#4 A Gift Outside: Privileged to see Colorado

#5 A Gift Inside: Little girl's carefree bouquet

#6 A Gift On a Plate: Just crumbs, proving delight in a meal...and a happy, healthy child holding it 




Three Lines I Overheard that were Graces:

#7 "all I have needed Thy hand hath provided..."

#8 "this is just so beautiful"

#9 "let them ring, let them ring, sweet carols of a King"


#10 Something I'm Reading (with others)

#11 Something I'm Making

#12 Something I'm Seeing


#13 One Gift Old

#14 One Gift New

#15 One Gift Blue


#16 A Gift in My Bag: Tiny earbuds (Thanks to my dear friend, Stephanie!)

#17 A Gift in the Fridge

#18 A Gift (or Four) in My Heart:


Three Graces from People I Love:

#19 Babies Loving Babies

#20 Best Daddy Ever

#21 Daughter Joy


#22 Light That Caught Me

#23 A Reflection That Surprised Me

#24 A Shadow That Fell Lovely

So much to be thankful for...

(Day 9 (that's today) will hopefully come tonight. So stay tuned.)

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