Monday, January 30, 2012

Counting Out Loud (#79-87)

Three Gifts That Might Never Have Been

#79 Soft, sweet boy with no words, grown into one now talkative and confident

#80 Incomparable friendship...'cause they're close

#81 Baby girl, healthy and pink, a little miracle out of unforeseen dangers, pointing me again to God's almighty, sovereign hand on us all


Three Graces Found in My Friends

#82 I know I can call on my Krista any time of any day, and she will do all she can to help / pray for / be with / listen to / understand me. And even though it's a great sacrifice on her part, she never makes it seem so. Besides, hanging out with her is pretty fun, too. ;-)

#83 I have a kindred spirit in my Kelly, though she's lived through more years of parenting (with twice as many kiddos) than I. She always makes me feel at ease, understood, and liked. She knows when I need to just sit and talk (and laugh...a lot). I miss that. But as much as I miss her, it's strangely comforting knowing I have someone halfway around the world who prays for me and loves the Lord with all her heart.

#84 Many (so very many) church and family friends regularly bless me with words of encouragement, practical helps, and thoughtful gestures. I am always so humbled by how beautifully God uses His saints to bless His child.


#85 A Song Heard:

"We will stand as children of the promise. We will fix our eyes on Him, our soul's reward. Till the race is finished and the work is done, we'll walk by faith and not by sight."   --The Gettys

#86 A Soft Word

#87 Where I Saw Light

Go here to see why I'm counting my God-given gifts.

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