Monday, January 16, 2012

Counting Out Loud (43-48)

#43 One Thing I Wore

This little shirt was my Young Musicians shirt from third grade. It always makes me smile to see it, because I have such good memories of learning to sing in a choir with a fabulous, inspiring, godly, encouraging director and friend. 

#44 One Thing I Gave Away

I made this giraffe-print, homemade "Snuggie" for my mom for CHRISTmas. The tag says "Made By Elves" because she once made a tag like that and put it in a coat I got for CHRISTmas one year when
I was growing up. (She wanted to make sure the manufacturer's tag didn't take away the magic for me.) And by giving this gift, I was blessed by her reaction. She cried. Which was precious.

#45 One Thing I Shared
(And I still do.)
A life, including four beautiful babies, with my best friend--the man I love. I'm so blessed to share this crazy, wild, no-idea-where-we're-headed adventure with him.


Three Ways I Witnessed Happiness Today:
#46 Growing-up son asking...and learning to cook eggs

#47 The way "Nemo" can elicit a smile even from the sickly

#48 Still such a little girl--playing dolls with her Mommy

Go here to see why I'm counting these God-given gifts.

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