Monday, February 27, 2012

Counting Through February (160-174)

#160  A Gift of Tin

#161  A Gift of Glass 

#162  A Gift of Wood 


Three Gifts Before 11 am:

#163  Being awake to see my man before he leaves for work

#164  Littlest cuddle-bug in my bed

#165  Chores that help a mommy


#166  A Gift Nearly Worn Out
Well-loved, well-worn, dependable Silkie

#167  A Gift New
Bag full of new, amazing cleaning tools

#168  A Gift Made-Do 
Still works, however make-shift and ugly


Three Gifts Seen as Reflections

#169  My Mamaw's sister, a love of mine all her own, but family resemblance graciously recalls my Mamaw's face and warms my heart ever more.

#170  "Tree of Life" film, a reflection of the unsurpassed beauty of creation and the awestruck wonder of the Creator Himself. "Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation?..." Job 38: 4-6

#171  My little one with his pointed eyebrows and dancing eyes, mimicking his Nana both without and within.


Three Ugly-Beautiful Gifts (See Beauty in Ugly)

#172  Grassy dirt on the floor, evidence of four kids spending an afternoon together in the beautiful weather outdoors.

#173  The boy, who seemingly hides behind the hoodie against this mother's wishes, has the confidence to be unconventional.

#174  When the daughter starts her day distraught and sobbing over a lost item, we are given the opportunity to talk about the unimportance of possessions, being content in the Lord.

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  1. I can so relate to #174. Had the opportunity to teach a lesson about consequences after a reaction to losing a privilege for my girl. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!


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