Sunday, February 1, 2009

Missing Something?

I forgot my backpack last week...not once, not twice, but three times in the same day! You would have thought the first time would have taught me a lesson. After all, my pastor had to call me from his cell phone to tell me he had it at his house. (I left it at church.) We drove over there to get it. He joked about how he was just glad we hadn't forgotten a child, and I laughed as I thought, "You just wait. One day. I'm almost certain of it."

It should have been glued to my back after that, but nope. I proceeded to forget it later that same night. I went back for it and then, after becoming involved in a discussion (and thereby getting myself nice and distracted), walked out empty-handed again! I did realize it, however, the very second the door closed behind me. But not before Paul saw me (from the car) have to turn right back around and go in for it. I'm sure he was thinking, "This is the person in whose care I leave my children each day..."

And besides that, it's pretty bad when your pastor knows it's YOUR very huge diaper bag/backpack (and without digging through it for clues, too). I'm sure it couldn't be because I carry it everywhere I go, it's HUGE, my family sort of creates a scene when arriving at any given event and that HUGE backpack is riding around on my back when all eyes turn to stare, much of the time my keys are dangling from it and jingling with every step I take, it's fashionably LOUD,'s HUGE! Nah, surely not.

Here's a plug for Ju-Ju-Be. Great, great bags!


  1. I love that bag! and I'm always leaving stuff... when the older three were all little, I was constantly leaving my STROLLER in random parking lots. One time a lady came RUNNING out of the mall as we were about to back into it b/c she thought we left a kid in it too. Yeah, I felt pretty lousy.


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