Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AI Review: This is Turning Into a Habit

Yeah, reviewing it here is a habit...unlike my watching the show...because...
I. could. totally. stop. at. ANY. time...

Kris - "The Way You Look Tonight." Ooooh, that's one of my all-time faves! Hmm. Interesting arrangement. I liked some of those notes he threw in there, in such pleasantly original ways. Truly, he has a gorgeous tone, but has anybody noticed how strangely he pronounces things sometimes?? Overall, thumbs up.

Allison - Wow, her hair looks SOOOOOO much better like this! Doesn't it? She seems a little uncomfortable on stage sometimes--mostly when she's talking. She sort of comes off silly and awkward (perhaps 'cause she's a BABY?). Anyway, on to the song "Someone to Watch Over Me." One of my all-time faves!! (again!) Seriously, I used to sing this number ALL the time at MacGrill. WOW. She did a great job. MUCH better than weeks past, I think.

Okay. Has anyone noticed that Paula is actually making a little more sense lately? What's up with that?! And Simon, why do you have to be so psychoanalytical? Good grief.

Matt - "My Funny Valentine" (Love it!) Well, Jamie Foxx, I thought you were doing a great job until this one. I think that key was much too low for Matt. Because he couldn't control those notes in the low register. The big notes were awesome, though. I saw LOTS of emotion!! (What is Kara talking about?) It's obvious he really loves this song! Overall, I say thumbs up. It may not be enough for him to stay, though. You know, I think this kid's got a nerves issue. He always sounds unbelievable when he's just fooling around on the piano at the Idol Mansion (or wherever they are), but then he gets ready to perform LIVE and he has pitch/control problems. Of course, I have to point out here that Carrie Underwood wasn't "spot on" consistent either when she was a contestant.

Danny - Golly gee. "I'm Gonna Love You." They just keep churning out the best of the best (songs), don't they? I was apparently born in the wrong era. Alrighty, here we go Danny. You're going to have to be out of this world tonight! ............... Oh---DEAR. Lovin' it!! Love his runs. Love his "yeah yeah's." Love his raspiness. Whoa! This is just getting better and better!! YOU GO, DANNY!!!! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!!! What! In! The! World!!! And...we have a winner, ladies and gentlemen!! What else can I say?

Adam - "It's a New Day." Oh, the drama. Lighting, stairs, freaky camera angles. Too, too much. And yeesh, that brass section has me picturing a drag show. Hmmm. I'd say Adam's a little pitchy tonight. Weird arrangement (I know--that's to be expected). Whoops--there's that tongue again. Okay. Look. He belongs right where he came from...the stage (in a theater, that is).

Yay, Old Standards!

Yay, Jamie Foxx!

Yay, Danny!!!

Yay, yay, yay!


I can definitely say this was one of my favorite episodes of American Idol ever! (Yeah, who am I kidding? I won't be quitting this habit anytime soon.)


  1. Girl, I loved your post. I didn't have time to read through everyone's earlier but I agree with everything you said. Matt key was to low and I thought last night that he did have problems controlling it. And Adam ...yea, and Danny fabulous best I have ever seen himn do, and Kris I love Kris.

    You go girl, I loved it.

    P.S. I thought tonight show was very good. Taylor Hicks rocked the house, and Natalie Cole, now thats the way to wear gold.

  2. This is the first year I havent' watched any of the episodes at all! I kinda miss it...oh well :) How are you guys?

  3. Hey Lori,

    Thanks for stopping by Must Share... I just had to confess. I blog while watching. I wouldn't remember anything to make fun of people with otherwise. It's always me with legs on fire, my Tivo remote and a big bowl of ice cream. Aside from the leg flambe (imagine the accent mark) I LOVE Tuesday!

  4. I totally just linked to you from random is that? I knew you were my Big Sis for a reason, but I'm just beginning to learn how much we really have in common. As for AI, I also couldn't watch Adam without thinking of Drag Queen night at Discovery. Sorry to say, but it's true :). Really though, you read BooMama too? Bizarre......


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