Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol: Short and Sweet

Gotta love the DVR. We sped through tonight's performances. Well, not the performances themselves, just all the yada yada-ing and the still-hokey (in my humble opinion) theme song. So...here's my DVR-esque "review" of the AI Top 7.

Lil. I'm just so tired of her. When they talk about how they don't know what kind of "artist" she is, it's because she's not an "artist." She doesn't have the musical capabilities to take a song and do anything with it musically besides sing it like she's heard it. With a few extra notes thrown in. And usually sharp ones, at that. It's time, Lil. Sorry.

Danny. We all know I'm a fan. Tonight's effort wasn't astoundingly original or jaw-dropping in any specific way. It was consistently Danny. It sounded good. He hit some pretty impressive notes in some pretty impressive places. He looked like he had a good time ('cause you know that's such an important part of this competition that every one has to always interrupt the judges to let them know they DID indeed have FUN). Anyway, I enjoyed it. I always do. His voice is--shall I say?--"aaaaahh."

Kris. Whoa. I liked his version of "She Works Hard for the Money" WAY better than the original version. Very creative. And performed VERY well. I LOVED it!! This kid's really growing on me.

Allison. Interesting arrangement. Terrible song for a 16-year old. You "want some hot stuff?" What in the world?! She's a powerhouse vocalist, but she's starting to show her immaturity a bit, in my opinion, by not showing much vocal flexibility. She's in hard-singing, gruff-voice, rocker-girl mode ALL the time lately. I think it's high time for some softness, some musicality.

Adam. Never before have I been so "on the fence" about a contestant on this show as I am with him. I DO think he can sing; those notes he hits are off the charts! And I DO think he is original. Each and every week. I just can't bring myself to actually LIKE the kid. I detest his tongue. (I know that's weird.) And just because one CAN hit a particular note, doesn't necessarily mean one will sound lovely singing said note. It just isn't pleasant to me. Usually. Tonight, however, I thought he sounded great. I liked the song. I still didn't enjoy seeing his tongue make its Gene Simmons-like appearance when he was doing his trademark Adam screech.

Matt. Not a fan of his wardrobe, but that's neither here nor there, I suppose. I do think this kid can SANG, so I'm very glad he was "saved" last week. I thought he performed very well tonight. Maybe it wasn't the best arrangement or whatever, but he did pick a memorable song (that everyone loves), and then sang it well. I thought he played his cards right. After all, it's a popularity singing contest. Remember?

Anoop. Handsome kid. Very nice voice. Likable and all that jazz. Tonight's song choice was just BLEH. I'd never even HEARD of that song! And now that I HAVE, I am decidedly unimpressed. BORRRRRING.

Did I say this was going to be "short and sweet"?! Well, it's certainly shorter than OTHER posts. Right, Mom? At least this one wasn't a "novel." I suppose the better question is why am I taking the time to write down my thoughts on this topic anyhow? Truly, I've got bigger fish to fry.

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  1. Hi There! Clicked over from BooMama's. Loved your post! We agree on many points, including Adam and how disturbing he is! Best last night was Kris, Danny is still my FAVORITE!

  2. I am with you on all accounts! Lil has got to go home tonight, then either Matt or Anoop!

  3. I agree with you on just about everyone. I love Danny, have from the beginning. I really like Anoop's voice. He isn't the best performer, but if he had a CD out full of ballads... I'd buy it.
    I like Allison... but I'm with you... she's not very versatile. Kris... I want to like. As a person, I'd say he's my favorite, but as a performer... there are just some notes that grate on me. Sound strained... but I like him and I'd love to see him go to the final 2. Adam... totally agree. I find his ability as impressive as it can be, but I don't particularly enjoy *hearing* it, other than to just sit there and go "dang." It isn't entirely pleasant.
    Lil... I was ready to see her go before Megan. At least Megan was original.
    Matt... like him, but he's the most inconsistent of those remaining IMO.
    So don't know that the save did much except prevent them from saving someone who was actually a SHOCKER. Hope that doesn't happen.

  4. Gosh, you're so mean to poor Lil. I've never watched the show in my life; just thought I'd join in. :)

  5. I'm incredibly impressed that you can remember all their names!


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