Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Snips, Snails & Pretty Pigtails

Featuring Saylor:

There's something I forgot to tell y'all about Saylor back when it happened...About a month or so ago, Gabriel and Noah were too sick to go to church (and were sleeping in 'cause they needed to), and I was scheduled to sing, so Paul stayed home with the sickly ones, and I went to church with Saylor and Atticus. The Lord worked things out with Atticus and tailored both his napping schedule and his temperament that day to make things easier on me. Really. Thank you, Jesus!

We got there a few minutes early, and I got us seats on the front row so that the kids could be near me. Atticus had fallen asleep in the car, so he was snoozing away in his car seat on the floor right next to Saylor. I pointed out to her where I'd be standing and assured her I'd be back very soon. She was fine with that. She just loves church. She did great, of course: stood when everybody stood and sat when everybody sat. She even peeked under the blanket every so often to check on Atticus. I glanced at her only a couple of times during the song set, and she was singing along as usual.

After church had ended, while we were gathering up our things, our pastor came over and knelt down beside Saylor. He spoke directly to her and said that he and several of the other worship team members had been talking about her, and he wanted to come tell her what they had said. He said that 1) she looked so nice, 2) she sat so well, and 3) she visibly showed her love for God as she was worshipping through music. (She even raises her hands, y'all. No one set out to teach her that either. She's always done it, even when she was Gabe's age. She just FEELS it.) He said that he could tell that she loved the Lord. I tell you what. My eyes welled up with tears, and my heart got all achy, and I was so proud of her at that moment--so happy that God gave her a gift like that--just a natural propensity for worship.

And what reminded me about the story was something else that happened more recently. At Cousin B.T.'s birthday party, Saylor was seated next to B.T.'s OTHER grandfather. She asked him if he had a mommy. (The fact that she struck up a conversation with a grown man who is pretty unfamiliar to her is surprising enough, let me tell ya.) He replied that he did, but that she was in heaven now, and so was his daddy. She said, "Oh! I'm going to go to heaven someday, too! When I die." He said, "You are? I am, too. What do you think we're gonna do when we get there?" And Saylor said, "Worship God!" Yep, honey. That's exactly right.

Saylor Ballerina and a Friend


  1. There is just nothing better than seeing that your kids "get it" when it comes to Jesus! Glad you got to have that proud moment with Saylor. Sounds like she's her mama's girl!

  2. What a precious heart for Jesus she's already showing!

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