Thursday, April 2, 2009

O, Baby

Once upon a blue moon...

I was this little. And had cool toys. And was an only child (for a few years anyway). And looked good in my chunky fat rolls. And played with a long strap, from the looks of things. {cHoKIng HaZarD!?!} And took a pretty cute picture.

May 17
7 lb. 11 oz. (one guess as to how I can remember that)

But then I grew up. .. And met the grown-up version of THIS little guy.

September baby
6 lb. ?? (what a lightweight!)
Notice this pic is scrapbooked and everything!!
(I'm not taking credit for it. Just pointing it out.)

And then we "married." (That's what Saylor would say. "This is when you married." And what that actually means (to her) is that I wore a "BEE-yoo-tiful" dress and danced with someone. Only 'ceptin' I didn't dance 'cause the church would have said "N-O," but that's another story.)

August 1999

Exactly TWO years later almost to the date we found out we would have a baby of our own. We had never been happier. After all, we had been trying and waiting for this baby for 9 long months. Isn't it hard to be patient?? Anyway, our first little miracle was born on April 11, 2002. (Yes! His birthday is coming up!!)

Noah Paul Davidson

Paul started law school 4 months later (going part-time at night while working full-time during the day). Thus began my adventures as a single mother. Paul was great, though. He was home when he COULD be. He often worked at home and studied at home. And I fell more and more in love with him as I watched him being a father. And saw how he adored our sweet little boy (even though he could carry on like you'd never believe).

Two and a half years later, our "bee-yoo-tiful" daughter was born.

Saylor Kathryn Davidson
October 5, 2004

And thus continued my adventures as a single mom. Paul was busier and busier as the end of school neared. It was downright crazy at times. There were semesters he had class 4 nights a week! And then he'd have to come home and study. I really wasn't sure it would ever really end. But then it did. That little "lightweight" I married finished 4 years of law school with honors (can you believe it?!) and still managed to support all of us so that I could stay home with my babies. And thus ended my adventures as a single mom. Oh, glorious day!!

Officially an Attorney
Summer 2006

A few months later I became pregnant with baby #3. And thus began our search for a bigger home. Ha!

Gabriel Isaiah Davidson
May 23, 2007

The bigger home was acquired 5 months after little Gabriel arrived. And not a moment too soon! Because a few months later we found out baby #4 was on the way. Whew!

Atticus Joseph Davidson
October 9, 2008

Oh, and this man was there for every single one of them. How special is that?

My sweet doc

Today's post topic brought to you by Rach at In His Hands.


  1. Wow, when I first caught a glimpse of your baby picture, I assumed it was one of your babies - probably Noah. I never thought you look a lot like your kids but seeing your baby picture, it all makes sense! :) I also really like your crib bumper. Your mom had fun taste.

  2. They are all adorable, but that pic of Atticus is almost too cute to take in. Bee-utiful fam!

  3. You and soooo many others I know share that same doc :) I go to Cornerstone... but Dr. Breniman. Who, must have been on call the day Grabriel was born considering I was induced... don't they do inductions on days they are on call? Who knows.
    And I too was pregnant on our 2nd anniversry... about a month along. Had a little baby on our 3rd, had a toddler and another little baby on our 4th, and was pregnant with #3 on our 5th :)

  4. What a beautiful family you have....and a wonderful story! All such SWEET babies! Thanks so much for joining in. SO happy to meet you!

  5. What a beautiful story! Ya'll have really come a long ways since those days of Bible study when we would pray that Noah would sleep while you gave piano lessons - or for that matter, that he would EVER take naps. I remember praying through those "single mom" and "new mommy" times. God has been so good to you all. Your faithfulness has been truly rewarded! You are an amazing, "seasoned" mommy and wife now!!!

  6. David and I were married in 1999 - two months after you! It's hard to believe we're about to celebrate ten years. And - David's birthday is on April 11.
    Your children are all beautiful and they all look very much like you did as a baby!

  7. Love the look back. I swear, your baby picture could definitely be Noah. :) All beautiful babies.


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