Monday, August 10, 2009

Staycation: Day 1

If you know me personally or have been reading this blog any length of time, you'll know that I've been in need of a vacation for quite a while now! Serious need. Desperate need. In fact, we thought we were going to take a trek (true blue road trip) up north to visit family and friends, but Paul was crazy busy at work and could never seem to find a long enough break (with enough notice) to get away. Besides, we are were exhausted and could never seem to muster the strength and energy required to plan and prepare for such a journey. Not to mention where we'd get the money to do such a thing! Anyway, we finally decided it would be best for Paul to go ahead and take a week off and us just stay put. So that's what we're doing.



We are officially on STAYCATION!!! Yes!

Day 1 Activities:

1. Mommy slept in ('til about 8:30) while Daddy made pancakes.

2. General vegetation while waiting on Atticus to finish napping.

3. Lunched.

4. Packed up and headed to Collins Orchard to get a watermelon. (It was only our THIRD ALL SEASON!! Something's bad wrong with that!!)

5. Scooted just down the road a bit to pick up our milk for the week.

(By the way, I was mad through all this, because we went to all the trouble of going out and getting a card reader so I could get our memory cards cleared for this week, and then I went off and left the camera at home. I WOULD have taken a picture of the MONSTER watermelon we got for just $7 and the sweetest little calves with their mommas you ever did see. Doggone it.)

6. Headed home, swinging by the post office for stamps. (like you care)

7. During nap time, I gathered just under 20 toys and baby items to sell at Rhea Lana. It took the whole time, since I had to clean, bag little parts, decide on prices, list them online, etc. Paul ran errands with the big kids during this time. When they returned, Saylor and I ran (literally) to the library to print off my inventory (have I mentioned our Dell printer isn't compatible with our back-up HP computer???) and then RUSHED over to Rhea Lana to drop off our stuff. Whew! Got it in just in the nick of time...and racked up ONE bright red pass to the early 1/2 price sale for consignors. Can't. wait.

8. Then we went to the mall. That may sound like a weird choice, but the mall is not a place I particularly enjoy taking the kids on my own. Something about it. AND I had a Gymboree gift card that Saylor received upon her BIRTH, which I had never used. (ridiculous, I know) Besides, my kids LOVE the mall simply because of the escalators. It's so true. They are giddy with excitement at the mere thought of "the moving stairs," as Noah explained to Saylor and Gabriel last night. Ha! So. The mall it was.

9. First, we had to eat some supper. So, in honor of this... (must click link to understand)

we decided to give it a try. Overall, our assessment was "not bad." In OUR opinion, the food did NOT look appetizing, nor were the portions in the least bit generous. But it tasted decent. (Obviously, we were overlooking the fact that it was FAST FOOD and FRIED and in cardboard boxes and all that.) The kids seemed to enjoy it, regardless.

10. Shopped at Gymboree for Saylor. And found a little something for my newest niece (to be born Thursday of this week). The kids were perfectly content to wait and wait and wait ('cause it takes that long in there, y'all) since there were shows on. Love that store.

11. Oh, and Saylor got stuck in this mall stroller. She really did, though she doesn't look too upset about it in this picture. (That's because she very much enjoys smiling for photographs.) I don't know why, but she and Noah both can't seem to let go of certain childhood delights reserved for toddlers and below. And, yes, she was warned that she was too big and might get stuck. Hmm...

12. Finally, we bought Dippin' Dots (another first for the kids) for dessert. BIG HIT! And...big mess. Oh, well--what are staycations for??

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  1. My 9 year old would have also wanted to TRY his best to fit in that's so unfair and sad when they get too big for things.


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