Friday, August 14, 2009

Staycation: Day 5

Day 5 Activities:

Today was a day of REST. We went NO-where and did NU-thing.

There were significant loads of laundry done. Even a wee bit of ironing. (I'm now at 12 items to be ironed, down from 38. Not bad, eh?)

There was toy-strewing and wackiness might want to sit down for this...even MORE wrestling!! (I know you're shocked.)

Of course, we all had our individual choices of activities as well. Paul did his usual YouTube watching, I tried (in vain) to catch up on my Google Reader, and the kids?? Well, let's see...

Noah? Lest you had any doubt...Wii. A lot. The rest of the time he laid on the couch with Paul and watched Food Network and Bear Grylls, though not at the same time. ('Cause that would NEVER happen. Have you SEEN what Bear eats?! The execs at Food Network would die first before Bear made an appearance on one of their shows!)

Saylor? She watched Mary Poppins and AutoBGood (check it out--these shows are really great) and classic Donald Duck cartoons and played Calico Critters in her room. All alone. Just the way she likes it.

Gabriel? Ran around nekked most of the time. Hey, don't saves me from having more diapers to wash. Ha! I'm just kidding. (Mostly.) Plus it's easier for him to use the potty that way. He just takes himself right in there, gets the stool, places the potty seat on, uses it, flushes, and then washes. He really does! (But put a pull-up or diaper on him...and it is LICENSE to wet and/or dirty it!) Plus he's had an ongoing rashy issue down there for several weeks now, but you know what? You didn't ask to hear about THAT. You're here reading about our staycation, not my child's bum. If I decide to take you there again, I'll warn you with an appropriate title. Deal?

Gabe also made up a game while Atticus was finishing supper. He would run to the kitchen cabinets, stop and look at Atticus, then run toward him, screaming and laughing, and when he got to Atticus he'd lightly hit the bottom of Atticus's squeaky shoe just one time to get a little squeak. And then he'd run back and do it all over again. Atticus thought this was ingenious.

And what about Atticus, you ask? Oddly, he's got rashy issues, too, (oops!) which caused him to wake up in pain at 5:00 a.m. this morning, which caused ME to put him in bed with US, which caused him to sleep until 8:30, which meant his nap didn't start until more like 11:00 (which is normally when he'd be getting UP from a nap), which meant his whole day was C-R-A-Z-Y. However, he played and bounced and crawled and got into things and even performed a tiny bit...

Before you ask (not that there's any question)...YES, Atticus is on the toilet. (I know--he's going to kill me when he gets older.) He has actually "gone" on the toilet several times over the last several months. (I'd just like for him to be accustomed to things.) And he "went" last night, too. Good boy, Atticus!!

And despite our laziness, we actually did do a few things around the house. Paul made the meals today. Yay! And vacuumed our bedroom. And I sorted through the Rhea Lana clothes and a big bag of clothes Krista gave us. And went through Noah's outgrown clothes for Gabe and Gabe's outgrown clothes for Atticus. And then I did a little of this...

And a little of that...

I SO wanted to get around to this...

But I spent too much time doing this...
And then by the time the dishes were done, the laundry was in the dryer, the stained things were soaking, the alarm was set, and the lights were all out, I really only had the energy to climb into this...
Yes. It's looking like I'm gonna need a VAcation from my STAYcation.


  1. Hey, girl! You need to change your link to my page to Just one more thing to add to your list!!!

  2. NO did not like the cruiser. Major blind spots out the back and very little room in the backseat (of course, most people don't put three carseats in a row when cramming kids in, but still...)
    You've had a busy week! I hope you get to rest some this week!

  3. School is going great for all. They all like their teachers and are doing well. No big tests yet, so don't really know anything on that front. But no behavioral problems (and Isaac is the only one I worry about there). So far so good!

  4. That is CRAZY that Atticus is on the potty. I'm so proud of you. Please come potty train my child! :)


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