Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Staycation: Day 3

Day 3 Activities:

1. Day 3 started out in much the same way as Day 2, in that Daddy was sleeping in. (Shame, shame. Ha!) Today was a cereal day. Unhealthy, but quick and easy.

2. We cleaned (some) and got dressed, but decided to stick around the house through lunch. So, Noah played the Wii some more, and the rest of us did various other things. There was a bit of wrestling and tickling and playing and blogging. And Atticus woke up like THIS...

NOTICE the hair??!!

Does anyone out there remember a little Woodstock toy (you know, from Peanuts) that had wispy feathers on top of his head and he bounced up and down (battery-operated) and his feathery hair would puff up and down on his head. We used to have one when I was a kid, so I am on the HUNT for a picture to show you just how similar my Atticus looks when his hair gets this way! SO CUTE!!

3. When lunch rolled around, we had a Davidson favorite: black bean burgers with some fruit on the side.

4. Then we made some homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. Didn't you know?! There's time for BAKING on staycations!!!!! Wow. Cookies and milk for a treat!

5. The babies went down for naps and a sweet friend from church came to stay with them.

6. Paul and I took the big kids "out" for a surprise.

"Where could we be going?"

7. We went to the movies to see Up.

Look UP!!!!!

And just consider this a review: Oh. my. word. I love that movie. It is precious beyond description. Cute, hilarious, endearing, inspiring, heart-breaking, creative, honest, wise, and deeply meaningful. It is all these things and more. I highly recommend it. (For mature 4-year olds and up, that is. It is quite suspenseful at times. On second thought, maybe 5-year olds. Little Saylor (usually not our sensitive one) is still a bit concerned about that bad guy!) And the BONUS was that we were the only ones in the theater. Yay! Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to get THIS...

or THIS...

8. Got home, fed baby, changed diapers, gathered gear, etc. (We do this a lot, if you hadn't already guessed.)

9. Then off we went to Playtime Pizza. And this will serve as Review #2 in this post: Big place. Lots of noise. Food is way over-priced and not very appetizing. But it definitely has its fair share of excitement. And. Did I mention it's big? The indoor Go-Karts was the main draw for our little family, which works out perfectly for Paul, because he adores Go-Karts (and would actually really like to have his own someday). He took both Noah and Saylor on them (one at a time), which burned $10 just like that. Poor Gabriel. The one who loves cars the very most. He was too small to ride. He was truly heartbroken. Life just ain't fair, is it?

Anyway, there were a few (very few) little kiddie rides, which were thankfully free. SEVERAL games didn't work, which I thought certainly should NOT be, considering the exorbitant prices we'd paid just to ENTER this joint! Everything else cost anywhere from 25 cents (toddler-7-year old games) to 7 dollars (laser tag for BIG kids). Our crew chose several ball-throwing games, air hockey, a racing game or two, and UFO Stomp (one of those dance games where you step on the footprints in time to the music). The Davidsons came away champs, pretty much. Both Noah and Saylor (with Daddy driving) came in FIRST when Go-Karting (is that a word?!). And Mommy? Well, let's just say NO ONE (in that WHOLE place) could touch her score of 330,000 or so on UFO Stomp! Ha ha! I guess I finally found a game I can win. Go Davidsons!!!

All-in-all, we'd probably have to give Playtime Pizza a "C-" since the food was "just tolerable," there were games out of commission, there wasn't much AT ALL for the "under 4" crowd to do, and there was no place (I mean NO place) to get away from the constant arcadiness of the arcade!! I wouldn't have been shocked if someone had had a seizure on the way home. (And, y'all, I'm used to a lot of noise with four kids; so you know it must have been bad!!)

Posing with Pete Za (pretty lame, huh?)

I'm certainly thankful all those chairs weren't filled while WE were there! Yeesh!

"PLEASE, Daddy, PLEASE??!!!!!" (Like they had to beg...)

Gabe was NOT a fan of the mini-carousel

Gabe likes CARS!!! Remember?!

Hmmm...looks like our smiles are beginning to wane

A+ on this play area for my "rough and tumble" toddler

10. Dear, sweet Atticus was SO exhausted. And Saylor, having had no nap today, was pretty much "done" as well. Overstimulated and pushed to our very limits, we all returned home to our very OWN beds and pillows (one of the GREAT things about a staycation) and promptly turned in for the night. (Some of us had to get in a little TV and computer time first, but you get the picture.)

What are staycations for???

I'll tell you what they're for. They're for trying to get a little R&R, while foolishly choosing activities you think the kids will love, but that in actuality WEAR EVERY ONE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. We went there on opening night and again for Isaac's birthday party. I'm in no rush to return. The opening wasn't too crowded, but OH MY WORD was it crowded for his party. MEGA stress keeping up with a bunch of 7 year olds.
    Not a place I care to return. Very expensive and yeah, the food stinks.

  2. oh, and I'm going to decide that I didn't like UP b/c the 3D made me a bit nauseous. I've heard so many good things about it but I was flat out BORED thru all but the last 30 min and then I was just slightly entertained.

  3. put your baby and my husband together and you would have "woodstock"!!! That was his nickname in HS b/c when he put his batting helmet on, his nose was so big it looked like a beak! no joke! :)

  4. I really like your assessment of Playtime Pizza. We blew $50+ in there at the end of the school year. It was soulless. The thing Jaden wanted to do more than anything was to play lasertag: $8 for 8 minutes of darkness with strangers; she decided against it and enjoyed several roaunds of Deal or No Deal instead. The GoKarts were over in a flash adn the games were equally brief. I felt like I was participating in some sort of forced cattle call of parenting. They all liked it but were ultimately unsatisfied, I think.

  5. FUN!!! I want to go see UP. I've heard it was sad. But glad you liked to movie :) And you looked like you had fun at the pizza place :)


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