Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Staycation: Day 2


Day 2 Activities:

1. Daddy slept in ('til about 10:00!!) while Mommy made scrambled eggs, strawberry smoothies, and toast with homemade butter. Mommy also did some laundry and some dishes. (That's the only trouble with staycations: Housekeeping never shows up. Boo!)

2. Tons of vegetation, including Noah playing a rented Wii game, Saylor upstairs watching Dumbo, and Gabe and I in our pajamas doing this and that, as we waited for Atticus to wake up.

3. Atticus waited until nearly noon to wake up, so we scrapped our so-called "plan" and decided to go ahead with lunch. Then Gabriel got sleepy. So we thought we'd better let him nap. And not long after that, Atticus tuckered out again. So, Paul took Saylor with him to get the oil changed during naps...and Noah? Back on the Wii. (I couldn't guarantee to you that the boy even ate today.)

4. When Gabriel awoke, the three oldest kiddos and I headed to the pool for a bit. Paul stayed home with the sleeping Atticus.

5. We did a little swimming. And some waiting. (What is the deal with so many "adult swim" calls? I'm thinking the lifeguards don't need THAT many breaks, and certainly not for THAT long.) Try explaining to your 2-year old that we have to wait for the ladies in the red swimsuits to come back out before we can get in the pool. Even as the words come out of your mouth, you are thinking, "This makes about as much sense to ME as it does to HIM." Regardless, a fun time was had by all!

6. Paul strolled Atticus down to the pool once he was awake. (Atticus LOVES the water!!)

7. Gabriel noticed Saylor scooting off the side into the pool (where he couldn't touch). Of course, he wanted to do it, too. This was all going on while I was sitting at the table after nursing Atticus. Paul was standing near, but was not in the pool; nor was he dressed for swimming. (Did you notice my foreshadowing?) Despite our warnings, Gabriel scooted right in anyway, and the second he hit the water and couldn't touch, he was under. HE HAD ON FLOATIES, but he has no idea yet how to maneuver in them or even kick his feet. He kept bobbing back and forth, and with each change in direction, he was getting a mouthful of water. I'm stretching this out for the sake of explaining things, though it actually lasted all of 4-5 seconds. I was on my way, but next thing I know, Paul is in the pool! Fully dressed. Poor little Gabe. And...poor cell phone. (Seems this lesson has to be learned over and over.)

Five Drenched Davidsons

8. Home we went. Paul made us some very unique quesadillas, camping style. Why? 'Dunno. Guess he just got a hankerin'. (I'm not complaining. I didn't have to cook.)

9. We cut the huge watermelon and ALL gladly partook, especially ME.

"Take a bite, Gabe!"

10. Then Paul made a little fire in the backyard and we toasted marshmallows. And tried to avoid mosquitoes. (We were going to camp out back there, but there was a chance of rain, so Paul chickened out wisely decided not to.) Now, back to the food. *grin* Oh, my. Toasted marshmallows. Man! I'm no Rachael Ray, but I may just have to say it..."Yum-O." So bad, yet so good.

11. Before turning in, there was even time for a little fun with a fan and some balloons. Leave it to Noah, Mr. Innovation and Game Planner Extraordinaire, to come up with a grand plan for a game RIGHT at bedtime, thereby putting off the inevitable for a bit longer. Again, what are staycations for?

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