Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peanut...Peanut Butter

Remember the other day when I mentioned I was NOT dreaming about peanut butter? Umm...well, I was. (Obviously, ALL those things I said I had NOT done, I actually had.) Ha! Why am I explaining the "Not Me! Monday" meme to you?! Surely you've picked up on the idea.


Alrighty then...where was I? Oh, yes.

Peanut butter.

This post.
will be.


Peanut butter and...chocolate.

Peanut butter and...crackers.

Peanut butter and...sliced apples. (Oh, my. One of the most delightful things ever!)

Peanut butter and...a spoon.

Peanut butter finger.

Peanut butter and...honey.

Peanut butter and...homemade blackberry jam. (Yes, ma'am! Mamaw??? You hear that?!?)

Peanut butter and...bananas. (Blech. This one's for the kids!!**)

Peanut butter and...pretzels.

Peanut butter and...celery. (Okay. I eat celery cooked in things and that's fine with me, but I have yet to be able to eat the stuff raw. However, my Noah will eat ANYthing and absolutely loves celery with or without peanut butter.)

Peanut butter and...toast.

Peanut butter and...graham crackers.

Peanut butter and...vanilla wafers. (YOU have GOT to try this!!! Leslie Ellis, wherever you are, I have YOU to thank for THIS idea. Yum!!)

Peanut butter cookies. (Used to hate, but I've since grown to enjoy them just fine.)

Peanut butter pie. (Only teeny tiny slices.)

Peanut butter cups. (Duh. May as well say it...anything Reese's.)

Peanut butter balls.

Peanut butter fudge.

Peanut butter-swirled brownies.

Peanut butter-filled Oreos. (Don't know if they even make these anymore, but I sure wish Back to Nature would make a healthy alternative of them!!)

And last but not least...Peanut butter M&M's!!!!!!!!

**Moms: I get away with this as "dessert" all the time! Take half a banana, slice it lengthwise along the top ALMOST all the way through (like a banana split). Fill the opening with peanut butter, then top with 5 (or more if you really must) little treats like raisins, dried cranberries, mini-marshmallows, M&M's, chocolate chips, etc. (depending on what you have in your cupboard and how much of it you have!). We call them "Banana Boats." (The little treats "ride" in the boat.) Easy, low-sugar snack/dessert the kids will love!

As we cannot POSSIBLY afford organic peanut butter (on account of the fact that we actually DO eat it with basically all the things I just mentioned and therefore, it seems, go through it before we can even get it stirred up good), I compromise and purchase this brand. (And it's available at regular grocery stores!)

No sugar, no preservatives, certainly no trans fats. Just plain old natural peanut butter. (Peanuts and salt, that is. The addition of the salt doesn't bother me, as it's not that much.) Truly scrumptious!!! (On a side note, PLEASE do not buy Reduced Fat peanut butter!! Good grief. Fats/oils from peanuts are healthy!! Enjoy them!)

So.......what are some of YOUR "peanut butter...ands"????? I'd LOVE to hear!

P.S. Go here to read more about the health benefits of peanut butter.

P.P.S. Tomorrow is a big day. Hint: A giveaway just MIGHT be involved. (Stick around!!)


  1. I'm not a peanut butter fan, with the exception of the occasional PB&J sandwich. My kids get one in their lunch just about every day... and Abigail prefers just peanut butter. I am SO GLAD AB doesn't have the "no peanuts" policy. It would seriously increase my lunch budget!

  2. I love peanut butter! My favorite way to eat it is on slices of apple, but I like it with a spoon too!

  3. Peanut Butter is my favorite food EVER! I love peanut butter on everything. I'll often look around to see what I can put PB on...graham crackers, spoon it with chocolate chips, ice cream, soft tortillas...

    I have to say, the best PMS fix is peanut butter spread on bread or toast, sprinkled with chocolate chips, melted in a toaster oven or broiler or microwave. YUM!!! I've done the same thing with tortillas. Very oozy. :)

  4. my two favs...peanut butter and honey, peanut butter and apples. Yum!!

    however, I am a Jiff girl and have to buy it at Sam's because we go through so much!!!

  5. Micah would be very content to have a peanut butter and honey sandwich everyday (or PB and banana), but I have to push other things, too! Yep, peanut butter is a hit around here.... :)

  6. Oh, and an easy cookie recipe I made in college...
    1 cup peanut butter
    1 cup sugar
    1 egg
    Bake and add chocolate kiss right when you remove from the even...yummy!!

  7. makes my mouth water! We love PB, too.

    When we moved from PHX, I bought a CASE of Org. PB from Trader Joes - b.c we're PB snobs like that (it has a very distinct taste - I think they use a certain variety, but I could be making all that up.)

  8. Peanut butter on chocolate chip granola bars. Yummy! Also, gotta have some peanut butter on pancakes or waffles, topped with syrup. That's the best!

  9. I do not love peanut butter as much as you. The thought of eating all that peanut butter...makes my mouth feel very dry. And makes me feel very chubby. I do, however, love p.b. when it's mixed with chocolate. I love what Amanda mentioned...toast with peanut butter (and I also put fruit spread) then add chocolate chips when the bread is still warm, then they're just barely melted yet still firm...also love buckeyes. Think I might like sunflower butter better, too. It tastes more like p.b., I think, than the other nut butters. Will have to try "Banana Boats" with the kids. We've had things similar to that but not exactly and not with that name, which makes all the difference.


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