Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Plan

Curriculum. I love it. I'm addicted to it. I buy too much of it. I hoard it. I need help. (Seriously.) Do I USE it? No, not really. Not the way I'd like to. Not the way a classroom teacher GETS to. (I know--I WAS one.) A homeschooling mom of four just doesn't get to be the classroom teacher who's buried down inside of her, itching to get out. She has far too many things going on to allow her escape. Things like making more diaper-wipe solution for the 1000th time (because the 3-year-old keeps stealthily squirting it all out) and moving the laundry basket of "things that don't belong in this room" to the room in which they belong...over and over and over again.

So. When someone asks me about curriculum, I falter a bit. In fact, I avoid the question whenever possible. But today? Watch out, world...I'm bravely facing my fears head on!! Perhaps pitifully, I'm using a blog hop to help me solidify the pseudo-plan I've come up with. You know. The one that works for today. The one that will inevitably be turned completely on its end in...oh, say...five weeks, give or take. But the bravery is very real TODAY. And so...I'm taking advantage of it. Sorry if it bores most of you to tears, but it simply must. be. done.

Not Back to School Blog Hop

The Plan for Noah (Third Grade):

The Plan for Saylor (Kindergarten):

The Plan for Gabriel (age three):

The Plan for Atticus (age 21-months):
  • Somehow keep him occupied with whatever works while we're doing all-of-the-above.

*taking deeeeeeep breath*

Of course, I will also attempt library story times, trips to the zoo, trips to area museums (when they're free or close to it), the occasional field trip to farms, post offices, and the like. I say "attempt," because...ahem...that's all I can promise. What I DO know is that there will be all kinds of game playing...

...interesting discoveries...



 ...manual labor...

Oops! How did THAT get in there?! ...ummm...

...and imaginative play...

Yeah, that's more like it...

And maybe, if I'm lucky (though I don't believe in luck), 
I'll have some moments like this:

The End.


  1. I really like the way you think and write -- I especially enjoy your sense of humor. And what gorgeous kids you have!

    I am intrigued by Math Solutions -- I'd never heard of it. I'm on my way to check it out.

  2. Love it! And, hey, I've been reading several of the Blog Hop posts linked, and you are not the only one who knows she will not have the same plan today as you do next month! In fact, I've blogged about what I went through re: that with my daughter and flexibility is definitely the name of the game! As our families changes, so must we! Glad to have read your post:) Have a great year!

  3. We are attempting K this year, so I am very interested in this. I'll have to go back through and check those out. Love the last's to many more!

  4. We are huge Sonlight fans. My favorite years are 3 and 8 (core 100). I really enjoyed the books and the the main texts are so comprehensible. Incidentally, we were studying non-western cultures (core 5) the year my husband and I decided on China. Then when we adopted this year, I was studying for the second time (godincentally) with my younger two. Happy Learning!


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