Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project 365: Week 32

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A dog from waaaay down the road escaped paid us a visit today. Noah was beside-himself-happy to take her home. I tell you, if Noah had had a tail, he'd have definitely been waggin' it. The boy needs a dawg.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's Farmer's Market was a scorcher, but we got some beautiful food!! I didn't get a picture of the okra we bought, but it was the purtiest okra I'd EVER seen.We got one of these cantaloupes, too. It was divine. The tomatoes we bought are still ripening on our counter. They are huge and gorgeous. I resisted the temptation to buy one farmer's 45-pound watermelon. Resisted with every thing inside of me. "Why?" you ask. Only because there was no room in my fridge. Doggone it.

I just have to tell you guys. You blessed souls who don't live in Arkansas. The produce our state grows is about the ONLY good thing about summer in Arkansas. We are having record highs. Like, not since ten years ago has it been THIS hot!! Tonight I walked by the thermostat at 11:45 p.m. Eleven forty-five, mind you!'s the proof.

Set for 74, but still registering 78...after nearly three hours of dark. All I could think was, "Lord, please give comfort to those who don't have air conditioning!" (I can't imagine.)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

After a very interesting fermented foods workshop tonight, which I will write about soon, I came home staaarving. This was my snack, sprinkled with Real Salt and eaten with a spoon. Oh, my.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our church did a little Kids Kamp Tuesday and Wednesday this week. A few of the men taught about biblical friendship, coordinated games, food, activities, and swimming. It was held at a home about 45 minutes from town, so we carpooled. Here are my two big kids about to head out for their second day. They loved it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I made homemade soaked granola today. We don't eat boxed cereal. ANY boxed cereal. So the kids (and their daddy) are very excited about this special treat!

Friday, August 6, 2010

We attended a very fun, free event at a local library. It was called Lamanpalooza, Laman being the name of the library. They were giving away lots of prizes, including the coveted iPad. We didn't win it, despite our frantic race around the library to complete our required "Treasure Map." However, we got to climb in an ambulance and a fire truck, see some big ol' Arkansas fish, enjoy a great concert on the lawn, and eat some popcorn and popsicles. Praise the Lord it wasn't horribly hot. (By the way, the ticket Noah was holding was 7 numbers off from the winning ticket for the iPad! So close...)

As soon as we arrived we ran into my cousin and her sweet kiddos. This is Noah and Cousin N. on the ambulance..

Note to self:  Three-year-olds can't smile on command.
I never figured out what this was about. Some form of creative dance??


Saylor enjoyed the music.

SOMEbody enjoyed the popsicles a little TOO much!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It was Membership Appreciation Day at our zoo. So we braved the heat. All for the unlimited free rides on the train and the carousel. My kids didn't even know there WAS a carousel because their mean mommy always avoids the extra cost! Atticus was so proud of himself sitting atop his horse, he wouldn't even let Paul TOUCH him. Until, that is, the ride actually started. Then he changed his tune real fast!

Gabe kept saying, "Yee haw!"
Sneaking a shot...
This was, by far, Saylor's favorite thing to do at the zoo.
I'm pretty sure this was the only shade in the whole zoo.

Tiger wouldn't turn around for the camera. Reminds me of someone else I know...
Atticus is fascinated lately with these guys. "Chomp! Chomp!"
This is Molly. I photographed her several years ago, and it is still one of my favorite pictures. Isn't she photogenic?

We had a great time, though we were all HOT (with a capital H-O-T), tired, and hungry by 11:30. Members got free meals, too. Just do me a favor and don't even ASK what we ate. The point is, I was grateful for it today. Grateful. Because, did I mention we were HOT, tired, and hungry?

And then tonight, my man and I celebrated our anniversary with dinner out.

Whew! That was one photo-intensive week. I wonder if anyone else had anywhere near as many animal pictures as I did. Very doubtful. See for yourselves at Sara's.


  1. what farmer's market do you go to on Monday? is it in maumelle?

    love, love avocado!!! just bought a big sack of them at sam's!

    So, what did you think of Bravo? I heard it was amazing!!

  2. Looks like a busy week! You got some great pics from the zoo too! Happy Anninversary!

  3. There is nothing like using real sea salt. We really notice a difference in our food when we eat out. I use the RealSalt brand also. Which fermented foods do you make? I make Kombucha quite frequently. As far as food items, I love the sauerkraut best.

  4. I'll have to check out that granola. Looks yummy. Love the pix of the animals... and especially the kids. What a great week!!

  5. looks like y'all had a fun week!

    our thermostat reads like that too. drives me crazy. I always keep turning it down thinking that will help. normally i just forget about it and we end up freezing one the temp starts to drop. lol

  6. What a week! I can't imagine doing all of that in the heat you have been having! The kids look like they are having a ball everywhere!
    The granola sounds very yummy!
    Great zoo pics! That bird is gorgeous. I can see why you like to take her picture.
    Happy Anniversary!
    Have a super week!!!

  7. I love how you do your 365...all in one week. I've been posting a day at a time and I think I like this format better. I get so behind sometimes. I lvoe your blog and your children are adorable. Congratulations on your 11 year anniv. My husband and I just celebrated our 10th. We have 4 kids too :)


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