Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project 365: Week 34

Sunday, August 14, 2010

Easy-going dinner with friends. Friends who just so happen to have a sweet baby girl. Aww...
It was a night of babies...

...and battle axes.  (Huh?!)

Oh, for the love of baby snuggles!!!!! You better believe I got in on that action, too!

Monday, August 15, 2010

First day of workboxes. My friend Julie called me last week to tell me she had tried workboxes with her son. Her son who, let's just say, has a LOT in common with my own. She was raving about them. Here's how dense I am. I had read about workboxes here almost a year ago, but because this particular blogger did them with actual BOXES placed on the hutch of a desk (or a bookshelf), I dismissed the idea due to lack of space for that sort of thing. My friend, however, purchased a scrapbook organizing cart with 10 drawers. And made those the workboxes. (Duh.) The idea is the child has to complete the activity in the first drawer before moving to the next drawer. When all have been completed in sequence, he/she is finished with school for the day. With the exception of a few minor distraction and discipline issues this week, these may be just what the mommy needed doctor ordered! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2010

A little geometry.

Wednesday, August 17, 2010

So thankful for this sign on a day when we roll up a couple of minutes past our appointment time and, of course, can't find a parking place.

Is that building not the weirdest looking thing you ever saw in your whole life????!! I am constantly perplexed by it. I mean, what genius thought that looked good?

Thursday, August 18, 2010

We took student portraits today for fun. Had to take them on the back patio during a downpour! Yeah, that was interesting.

Friday, August 19, 2010

Folding towels and washcloths.

Saturday, August 20, 2010

More peaches (and watermelon and okra...), please.


It's still HOT here. Just in case you were wondering. Let me tell you something: rainy days are bless-ed things. Bless-ed. *sigh* Is it starting to cool down in other places? School starting up? I'll be checking in with Sara's crew to find out!


  1. oh I love me some baby snuggles!!!

    that box idea is great!!! I would have loved to have known that with my kids

    I think I am going to try and hit the farmers market you told me about...peaches sound so good right now!

  2. I love how serious they are folding things - & the fact that your daughter is dressed like a princess :)

    Their portraits are really good - great looking kids!

  3. Oh i love the hat Gabe is wearing! So cute!!

  4. Such great photos! You do a wonderful job capturing the kids in "real" moments and they're just precious.

  5. you got me thinking about the market...must do tomorrow.
    your kids are absolutely the CUTEST little ones...
    he's so dapper in his hat, love it!
    thanx for sharing

  6. Battleaxes and babies - sounds like our house! Hope the work boxes work for you, I've heard lots of good things about them.
    Great pics of the kids!
    And yeah, that building?! Looks like a lot of wasted space or something never completed!

  7. Nothing better than baby snuggles.
    Those boxes are fantastic! I will be curious to hear in a few months if they are still working so well.
    I like the student pictures! Then again, they are your adorable kids, so of course I like them!
    Stop posting peaches!!! I salivate every time. :) Guess I better get me some!
    Have a super week!!

  8. Those work boxes are a great idea! Love it. I have been reading so many blogs about homeschooling this week...makes my heart a little sad as there are days I wish I could stay home with mine. Hope you have a great school year and love the school pics! And it's still really very hot here as well...sigh...and when we get rain {which is rare} it just turns to humidity!

  9. I have read about the workboxes and they sound like a really good thing to me! Where did you get your box/storage thingy???

  10. I hope the architect of that building doesn't read your blog - it might hurt his feelings! :) That's how my mind works. I think the workboxes have really worked well for my middle child...ahem. I think you made the right decision getting the cart - I wanted to buy the carts when we bought these plastic boxes a couple of years ago...but I didn't want to spend so much money buying 3 of them. Did you find a deal on one? When I shut these boxes, the kids can't open them without my help, which is time consuming. And if I don't shut them, I can't stack them...I say all of that to say: cart - yes. And I would like to know where you bought your cart.

  11. Kim and Jenny,
    Got it at Sam's for $30.

  12. Saylor looks so sweet holding that baby.

    Glad to hear school is going well. You are a brave woman!

    So glad you got to go to the conference and meet Sara...what fun!


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