Friday, September 10, 2010

Snips, Snails, & Pretty Pigtails: August

For whatever reason (I'm sure it's not the fact that our family has watched Lassie Come Home fourteen times this month), Saylor and the two babies have been playing "Dog" a lot lately. They take turns being the dog and the owner, and they play those parts to the "nth" degree! They've even figured out that Noah's bungee cords make great leashes. (Don't freak out on me. There's no tying or wrapping going on. They simply hook one end to their shirt collar.) It's so funny. Gabriel enjoys the game the most and even tries to get Paul and me to play along. But we don't make very good dogs. In case you weren't aware, grown-ups don't have the knees to withstand hardwood or tile floors for longer than, say, five seconds. That's okay, though. He takes solace in time with his Silkie. Still.

Noah, on the other hand, is practicing his combat skills. With whatever he can find. Here, he has turned my vacuum cleaner attachments into some sort of double lightsaber-thingie. 

And more evidence of the impressionability of our children...Saylor has been wearing her chef's hat (the one she's wearing in the last couple of pictures) TO BED every night. Why? you ask. Well, she thinks it resembles the night bonnets Laura and Mary Ingalls wear to bed. And she is a Little House girl through and through!! That's why. ( I know. That was probably your guess, wasn't it?) And then she wants me to sing "Holy, Holy, Holy" to her because it's her favorite church song. She is one quirky girl, let me tell ya.

A few weeks ago, Atticus climbed into bed with us and said, "Hi, Daddy. I ready!" I know I'm always talking about how talkative Atticus is, but really. This child amazes us with his abilities! "Dead bug," "baseball," "More water ice,""My birthday." It's crazy! Of course, this is the same kid who almost always answers "no," even when he means "yes" and has to be reminded that he does, in fact, mean "yes."

Never a dull moment.

But that's how we like it.


  1. 3 lil' chairs in a row... too precious. Love the lil' star glasses. Super cute! Never a dull moment is right. Great memories. :)

  2. fun and exciting times in your house. Growing up I loved Little House as well and I lover that Saylor thinks her chef's hat looks like a night bonnet!! They grow up fast but you are doing a great job of preserving's all about the little things. I need to get better at that.


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