Sunday, March 6, 2011

Things Are Crazy But We Have a Winnah

Okay. It wasn't my intention to hold a contest and then not tell you who won it.

But it's been pretty crazy around here.

News tidbit #1: We had a showing. (We're selling our house...for those who didn't know.)

News tidbit #2: The prospective buyers then wanted to have an inspection done. Yay! (Of course, the usual panicked busyness then ensued, including, but not limited to, making the attic passable to the poor hired inspector.) *sigh* Wait. Strike that. *exhausted sigh*

News tidbit #3: I do Precepts Bible studies. And we are studying Colossians right now. And this study is kicking my boo-tay a little bit. (Lots o' work. Good work. But still, lots.)

News tidbit #4: For some reason I've been unmotivated to blog, and I feel the same about using my camera. Maybe I have too much on my mind. Or...not enough. Hmmm...

News tidbit #5: I had a car accident. (Why me???? Again??) So I've been a little tied up over the stress of that.

So that's what's been going on around here. It's cray-zay!!

And that is part of why I am just now getting around to announcing the winner of my giveaway. The other part being that I just didn't get around to it. (Sorry.)

Thanks to those of you who began following The Rackleys on their blog!! That's awesome! I hope more of you will check them out and begin praying for them, supporting them, etc. They are precious, precious, dear friends.

And about a winner??

My random number generator chose Rachel!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! Poor thing just had surgery, so I hope this will be good news for her in the midst of a trying time.  :(   She actually had the most entries, too, so for those of you interested in justice, there ya are.  ;)

Rachel, I will be contacting you later today about receiving your prize. Congratulations!! And thanks so much for playing, everyone!


  1. OH MY GOSH! This is fantastic news! I just happened to be checking my dashboard out for one of the first times since surgery. Thank you so so much!!

  2. PS I love the Rackley's blog. Thank you for introducing me!


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