Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's in the Workbox For Little Guys?

Examples of Noah's workboxes are here and Saylor's are here, but my little guys hang out with us during school time as well. And it can get crazy fast. So I've been trying to plan activities they can choose from that serve two purposes: to keep them busy, while also providing them with opportunities to learn.

I have a variety of things available to them (manipulatives, puzzles, games, play dough, etc.), but it gets hairy when they're constantly asking for one thing or another. By the time I'm just getting settled into a rhythm with one of the big kids, a little will ask me for something different. 

So I decided to make use of these shelves, which used to house toys...(Actually, they are shoe racks from Target stacked together.)... be home to their "tot trays." Don't let the name fool you, though. When Saylor finishes her workboxes, her treat is time with the tot trays.  :)

Here are today's activities:

Pouring pegs from one container to another.

Creating with Magic Nuudles (cup of water for sticking the nuudles together)

Putting counters into a large container with a slit (good piggy bank practice, right?) 
(BTW, I use film canisters to hold our counters. They hold exactly 20 two-sided counters.)

Lacing cards

Paper clips and a magnetic wand

Once they complete all the trays, they are allowed to play together with our Take Along Thomas trains and tracks (or something of that nature).

Yes, it takes a little effort to come up with activities for two little active boys, but it pays off in the long run to have them busy. Besides, it's good for my creative mind to look around the house for things they might enjoy doing. And it helps me to be involved and more purposeful where their day is concerned. Because they're worth it.

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