Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things Look a Little Different

Here's what started it all:

The Rackleys gave us their desktop computer. (So, so grateful...) We'd had a laptop for such a long time that I nearly forgot we'd need an actual DESK to put the desktop ON! Ha! This desk had been upstairs in the school/play room because that's where we kept our printer and paper, etc. See?

So the desk had to come downstairs to where the internet was--our bedroom. (No phone line upstairs.) And the recliner in the bedroom would have to be moved. Somewhere.

The living room was the obvious choice, but it was pretty crowded already. If the recliner was going to fit in here, it would have to take the spot of "Nana's Couch": the chaise lounge you see in the left-hand corner.

Noah and I moved the chaise out of the way and stuck the recliner in its spot. And while I was at it, I moved the ottoman to the center of the room to act as a sort of coffee table.

So now I had to figure out how to squeeze the chaise lounge--the only piece of furniture we will absolutely not part with--into the kitchen, of all places!!

First of all, I turned the kitchen table horizontally and moved my little drop-leaf table out altogether. It serves as just a lamp table and a place to put our Bibles, so I moved it to the living room to be a "sofa table" for the over-sized chair. (no pic) With the kitchen table turned this way, the chaise fit quite nicely in the bay window. A much better use of the space, I think. 

Of course, you'll remember we had school desks in the kitchen before.

They obviously had to go. Which brings me to point out, it was actually not ALL the new computer's fault--this crazy rearranging I felt the need to do. Honestly, I had HAD it with schooling in the kitchen. Stuff was everywhere, and it was hard for any of us to stay focused on school. I really needed a classroom again! And those overstuffed bookshelves in the background...(see them??)...an eyesore I couldn't wait to hide upstairs!

So the desks AND the bookshelves, now nicely reorganized, were banished to the bonus room. And with the exception of those VERY heavy bookshelves, Noah and I did all the rearranging ourselves during nap time! He loved every minute of it. And he didn't even panic when we got the recliner stuck in my bedroom door! (Unlike his mommy.)

Now I have a classroom again. Schooling multiple ages is still a challenge to say the least, but this way we can contain our chaos in the one room and close the door behind us when we're done.

The crummy part of all this rearranging and how very. much. I like things this way...is that our house will quite possibly be sold soon. And we will be moving on to who knows where. *sigh* Nothing like the last minute. The story of my life.

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  1. love it! i am a follower but not always a comment(er) :) have a good day

  2. Great tackle!!

    Thanks for stopping blog and leaving such sweet comments:-) I hope to see you back there soon!


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