Monday, April 6, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...

Outside my window...a beautiful, but cool day. Aprils (along with every month) in Arkansas can be very confusing. Oh, and POSSIBLY--could it be?--maybe a few blooms on the azaleas I thought were dead. Still not totally sure they'll make it, but at least now I have some hope...

I am's a daily challenge for two babies to share a bedroom.

From the learning rooms...hopefully, Noah is reading something. Right now, I'm too busy dealing with the aforementioned "challenge" to know exactly what's going on in our "learning room."

I am thankful for...a plan for home energy savings. I'll fill you in as things come to fruition.

From the kitchen...hmm...probably should consider that, huh?

I am wearing...pajamas...sorry, but I am. Specifically, winter peppermint pajama pants and a tee shirt that doesn't match. Pretty yucky.

I am reading...The Prodigal God with my community group at church...and lots of blogs.

I am hoping...we can avoid the doctor's office for ear infections.

I am creating...a baby announcement for Atticus. Come back soon...I may let you VOTE for your favorite.

I am hearing...a lullaby CD and a baby fussing.

Around the house...Gabe's lunch dishes (because he's too young yet to clean up after himself), laundry to fold, and the usual variety of strewn toys and random objects Gabriel LOVES to drag out and carry to a new place. Sometimes we find things in the most surprising places!

One of my favorite shopping online, but it's a bit too late for Easter stuff. Boo hoo. I may actually have to GET OUT and find some deals. Not an easy task, my friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week...aha! A great place for a list, wouldn't you say?

  1. Prepare grocery list for Wednesday's shopping trip (thanks, Daddy)
  2. Get china out of the attic and wash it for the Global Women's High Tea event our church is sponsoring
  3. Finalize plans and begin food preparation for Noah's birthday party Saturday
  4. Drag out the Easter baskets and egg stuff from the attic (while I'm getting the china out)
  5. Fix a basket for Atticus
  6. Find Easter clothing for F-O-U-R children (preferably matching)
  7. Pick up a pair of Crocs for the three oldest kiddos (this and a couple of candy items is what I plan to fill their baskets with this year)
  8. Clean and straighten for the party (AND my parents are coming up to stay with us this weekend)
  9. Get Noah some cleats for his game on Saturday morning
  10. Dr. appointment for two on Tuesday (unless our home remedies work first)
  11. Soccer practice Tuesday
  12. Ballet and Awana Wednesday
  13. Take clean china to event location on Friday
  14. Switch auto insurance providers, send in state tax returns, a few more April bills, assess property taxes, and get busy on that energy savings plan I mentioned (fun, fun, fun)
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Noah's invitation
More to come about his party

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  1. Beautiful blog- I love its design and colours!

    Hope you have a wonderful day and a lot of fun on the 11th!

  2. LOVE the messy party idea! What little boy wouldn't love that? Fun!

    Good luck with the Easter clothes. I just picked up a sweater for Graham today. Luckily Thomas has hand me downs-ha!

  3. That party idea is fantastic. Wow, what a busy week you have. That is why you are young and I'm ... not.

  4. LOVE the invitation and the idea! How fun!!

    Good luck with the Easter clothes. We just try to find a T-shirt that doesn't have a rock band on the front! Help!!!


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