Saturday, February 13, 2010

Costume Party

Today we were invited to a costume party for the daughter of some friends of ours.

They live out of town, so on the way there we took in a little Toy Story on our family Christmas present: a DVD player for the car. Though we've only used it a couple of times, it certainly makes longer trips a whole lot easier.

Here were our costumes:

Atticus the cow

Saylor the Little House on the Prairie girl (Laura, of course)

Noah the cowboy

Gabriel the chef

A party's not a party without a little karaoke, right? Here's the birthday girl singing a few tunes.

Big brother (the Tornado) put on a show of his own. (That's the other brother (Peter Pan) in the background.) There was even a joke time!

Saylor always loves a good party!

The birthday girl (an Indian princess) turned three today!

After sufficient playtime, snacks, and cupcakes, we all gathered around for the awards ceremony.

The daddy of the birthday girl (a.k.a. the Knight in Shining Armor) presented the awards.

Atticus received his award with pride.

Then the kids played like mad. There were sword fights and cars rolling down stairs and playing with puppies and games of Jenga. The girls tried to do their own thing in the play kitchen, taking care of babies and such. You know. When they weren't being pestered by the brothers.

And Atticus discovered the joys of a balloon on a string. He played his little heart out, between the balloons and the train table. He barely ate a morsel of food, so entranced with his surroundings was he.

The bonus was that we stayed after the party and had dinner so we could catch up.
These guys have been our friends since before we were married and were, in fact, in our wedding. The more children we have, the harder it is to get together, so it was a nice blessing to get to visit with them, even if we did keep the kids out too late.

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  1. Aw, thanks for doing this blog post! You took some great pictures! (More than I got so that's great! Now I'm glad you can steal pics off a blog, ha.)


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