Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snips, Snails, & Pretty Pigtails

Noah probably clocked twelve hours out in the snow. Two soaked coats, three sets of gloves, two hats, and eight pairs of jeans later, all I could think was, "WHY can't the outdoors give me a break in the laundry department?!" But he loved every minute of it. He does not even NOTICE when he is up to his knees in mud or when icicles are hanging from his nose. In fact, the only time he'd come in was when his gloves would become completely soaked through and his hands would be wet, raw, red, and basically FROZEN. But he would only be inside long enough to warm his hands under warm, running water and put on some new gloves. The child was born to be O-U-T!

Saylor made bird feeders at Academy several weeks ago. It was perfect timing, because the next day we got all that ice and snow, and the birds were all out frantically looking for something to eat. (I'll have to post some pictures of them.) Saylor was just giddy watching all the birdie activity. (Ironically, she used to love birds so much when she was a toddler that her second birthday party was a bird theme!) She enjoyed the snowy weather, too, but it seemed to me she was really just into it for the fun of wearing all those delightful accessories!

Saylor Being Silly in Her "Snow Ears"

Gabriel has always been our monkey. He has always liked to conquer obstacles. Now that I think about it, I guess I should be fairly worried that he'll become a mountain climber one of these days. (Yikes!) Anyway, lately he's been climbing into Atticus's crib. Sometimes it's just to play with Atticus before bed. Sometimes nobody else is in the room, and he'll climb in after filling the crib with balls. And then it's a game of "throw the balls out of the crib as fast you can." It's funny to me how boys just naturally make these games (sports) up for themselves. They just can't help it, can they?

Atticus writes. He does! (I've been telling you he's our little professor!) Give him a piece of paper, a card, a small booklet, or whatever to "write on" and then a crayon, a straw, a paintbrush, or whatever remotely resembles a pen, and he will be busy with them for a long, long time. He walks around, stops, writes something, looks up, walks some more, and then comes and shows me what he's got so far. *grin*


  1. Hey- I'm actually on a computer so thought I'd stop and say "I'm still here. " I'm reading on my blackberry these days, and that doesn't allow me to comment.
    I'm a mean mom when it comes to snow. I had a "once in, stay in" rule. They could go out once in the morning, but once they came in, they were done until the afternoon... when they could go out once more. I couldn't handle all the mess that came in with them. And I just don't have time to do that much extra laundry. I'd throw pants in the dryer and then they'd put the same ones back on later.

  2. We have that book, but ours is called "Mono y Yo." I'm trying to figure out your list of Italian meals. Great pictures, as always. I'm very behind on blog commenting. I've had a hard time typing anything...for some reason.


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