Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day

Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy were feeling a little under the weather on Valentine's Day. Well...a lot under the weather. In fact, we opted to stay HOME from church and tried to rest as much as possible. Which wasn't nearly enough.

Then it snowed. AGAIN! This can NOT be Arkansas we're in anymore.

But. Valentine's Day is Valentine's Day. Even if you're out of groceries and can't make the special heart-shaped breakfast treat you were thinking you'd surprise everybody with. It's still Valentine's Day. Even if you didn't get your kids their traditional gift: a book and a small box of chocolates. Even if you didn't decorate the table. Even if you have a sinus headache and a stuffy nose. And all your kids are you can't really go out and enjoy the snow. It is STILL Valentine's Day. EVEN if your family is sitting around watching NASCAR of all things! *cough, sputter*

It IS Valentine's Day!

The day you remind those you love...that you do, in fact, love them.

So we sat around together, doing what families do. Cuddling, laughing at baby antics, blowing noses. Those kinds of things.

And there was even some spontaneous creativity going on!!

Get it??

We opened much-anticipated valentines from the beloved grandparents.

...which made me laugh. Because if you know my kids, then you know how accurate these descriptions are:

We actually managed to mail our own valentines to the family, albeit LATE (because after missing Academy on Thursday, I was all thrown off and forgot what day it was). Sorry, guys!

And then we finally made it to our postponed Valentine's parties. Yippee!!

We went bearing toddler-appropriate treats...

...and flowery valentines... (Little girls
must give flowery valentines.)

...and a Valentine mailbox any boy would be proud of...

...which won FIRST PLACE!! Yay, Noah!

For our teachers we brought this...


and this...

And then we par-TAYd!!

The question of the century: "Saylor, where is your bow?" (It's always lost. Even when it's the Valentine's party and the bow is white with little red hearts all over it. And would look so cute in this picture. It's always lost.)

Decorating cookies with your friends. What could be better?

I guess since the actual day was such a weird, sickly one, we just went ahead and made it Valentine's Week, 'cause I don't know about y'all, but we rule our own calendar. (Not Hallmark...and definitely NOT Wal-Mart with its shelves full of Easter junk on February 15th.) Mommy was just ill-prepared this year. (So to speak. Ahem.) Maybe, just maybe, we'll even make heart-shaped sugar cookies this weekend. Who knows?! We're so wild and crazy around here, there's just no tellin'.


  1. Sorry to hear you were under the weather - I love the Amelia Ear-heart! box and we've made the flower/sucker holders before! Hope you are feeling better and you made those cookies!

  2. Precious cards for the teachers! How creative you are, Ms. Lori!!!


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