Friday, February 12, 2010

What Happened to Fall? (Part 2)

As promised...

Pics from the Pumpkin Patch Trip 2009. Enjoy!

We're so excited!

Check out the serene scenery. (Say that fast ten times.)

And farm animals to boot!

"Hi, Duck Ducks!"

"Duck Ducks" are always a hit.

Awww...and goats.

Who could resist a sweet, soft donkey nose?

Noah always makes a friend wherever he goes.

Here, piggy, piggy. (Noah named this pig "Oinkers.")

Watch out, Atticus, Noah's gonna feed your foot to that goat!!

Always the animal lover.

What else is there to do around here??

Double Trouble

Slides galore!


Let's do it again! (and again and again and...)

Just a Swang-in'

Alright. Enough of this silliness. Now how about a hay ride? Let's go see some pumpkins!


Gabe, leave the stem on, please...


Gabriel's got one--NO problem.

But Princess Saylor is struggling under all that weight.

Trying for an all-together shot.

Take Two.

Satisfied with their finds.

Cutie (No...Pumpkin) Pie.

Made for a fun picture, even if we did get in trouble for putting humans in the wagon. (Oops.)

Pre-picked pumpkins.

Whoa. These are some BIG pumpkins.

There's always time for a little posing.

Who'd be afraid of this scarecrow?

Farm life. We think it sounds right nice.

Don't we, Gabe?

Now aren't you glad I did this thing in two parts??

Fall birthdays are next. And...ummm...actually, I still need to do Spring birthdays, too.

Good grief. How did I get this behind?


  1. love all these pictures! I saw some green grass in one of those pictures...I want to see that again SOON!!! :)

  2. Ha! I'm loving that you posted these adorable pics...hey better late than not blogged at all!


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