Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project 365: Week 8

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bleh. We had to stay home sick today. No one felt good. It snowed, so even our CHRISTmas tree from a couple of years ago (now planted in our back yard) is having a hard day. Poor thing.

But it was still Valentine's Day. So that's good.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Daddy was still sick and stayed home, but he mainly did just a whole lot of resting. I, however, ran a few errands. (I saw my chance, and I took it!!) But then I proceeded to break my (dish) soap bottle. I'm so upset. This was our second one!! Maybe I should stick with the classic plastic squirt bottle sitting out on the cabinet.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daddy came home from work and then turned right around and left again for a meeting.

How dare he??!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I made two lasagnas. One is for a family from church and the other was for our monthly women's fellowship.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

After Academy we brought a friend home to play for a bit. He and Noah went into the "clubhouse" and played a rousing game of checkers.

The babies formed their OWN club.

And the "princess" was in her own little world, as usual.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Well, I was hoping to get a picture of men working on my fridge, but long story short--they didn't end up coming today. So instead, I've got a picture of a pillow. One, lonely throw pillow I bought as a bridal shower gift. I'd have bought the two she wanted off her registry, but I could only find one. And I thought for sure I'd be able to go to the other Target and find a matching one. So we traipsed off to the Benton Target tonight, fed our kids peanut butter/honey sandwiches for supper in the car, and showed Dumbo as the "on board" movie. But. No such luck. So...back to the drawing board.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Farmer's Market Pick-up. Buyin' local, y'all!!

Okay. That's it. Somehow I'm still remembering to snap at least one picture a day. So, yay for me!

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  1. wow those photos of the kids around the door with daddy leaving, and the little one crying really brought back some memories! what a precious (tiring) but precious time in life for you. i also loved hearing about your sandwiches in the car watching Dumbo...another great memory for me.:D thanks for that.

    great week! good job too, i know it's hard snapping photots with all that you have to do. however you will be so glad one day to look back. i'd give anything!

  2. Jealous of the eggs!! I remember getting eggs every time we went to my grandparents house...I have been trying to find a local person for some yummy, fresh brown eggs. :)

  3. Daddy leaving pulls right at the heart strings. Glad he is so treasured.
    You had a busy week for starting off sick....glad everyone is well!
    Have a super week!!

  4. oh I love the picture of Atticus seeing his daddy!! So sweet

    where did you get those eggs? LR farmers market?

  5. My kids use to do that when daddy left too. It's pitiful!!! and you know how bad they feel.
    Great week!!

  6. Yes, yay for you!! Great week, glad everyone is feeling better. Errands alone is such a luxury.

    You got great captures at the door. Sometimes I think "hey, who's crying for mommy who is left alone with all these kids" :)

  7. I'm hoping the whole locovore thing catches on here. Right now none of the stores carry local stuff, even in summer (which it is right now). And not too many vegetable stands in the country either. Different culture I know.

    Hope you find the pillow's mate :-)

    Mmmmmm, lasagna! Haven't had any in forever. Looks SO good.

    Crying photos cracked me up...poor kiddos, they just don't understand! lol

    Have a great week!

  8. Oh my goodness...that crying face for his daddy just breaks my heart...

  9. I love your pics of the little one crying to see daddy leave - sorry to have the moment, but you did a great job of capturing it!

    Yummy eggs! We're going through about 2 dozen a week! Hubby gets them from a lady at work.

  10. What Farmer's Market do you go to?

  11. Those kids gathered around the daddy are GREAT - and that baby crying ... looks like our house every morning!

  12. a collective sigh from all of us, so very sweet. Mine are all grown up.

    Wonderful pictures.

    Have a great week!


  13. The Bye-bye-Daddy series is precious.
    The princess is beautiful!
    All the princes, fun!
    The broken bottle, well, that's sad.
    And being sick on Valentine's too :(

  14. the pictures of atticus are SO sad and cute at the same time. My daughter never has cried when my husband leaves. Not sure why. I know she loves him. :)

    Sorry you bottle croke. It was cute.

    We have a local farmers market once a month but they hardly ever have much in the line of produce and stuff. It always turns into more of a craftsy event. We still like to go though.

  15. I've never known someone to plant their Christmas tree. :) Sweet baby boy! Those are priceless pix.

  16. I love the pictures of the kids at the door with daddy and also all of them playing! So cute.

  17. Wonderful pictures - but of course my favorite is poor little Atticus - so heartbroken! Precious.

  18. I had that same dish soap bottle and mine broke too. I was devastated. Do you have the pictures in your kitchen that match that? I do and love them too.
    Your kids are so cute.
    Looks like a pretty serious game of checkers too.


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