Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Family Christmas Celebration

It was a celebration alright, albeit a month and a half late. But who's counting? We were just so happy to get to visit with the cousins, to exchange gifts, to have a feast. It was a blast!

In fact, when I got Atticus out of his bed that morning, he scrunched his hands up by his face and said, "I 'cited!" Little did he know how much fun he would have. And it all started with a paper plate.

I wish you could have heard Atticus's delighted giggles as he realized "Woody Buzz" was on his plate! (This is the stuff that makes us happy.) He then pointed out everyone else by name: "Boows-eye," "Widdy," "Jessie." He loves those guys.

We all feasted on breakfast casserole, breakfast pizza, Brookies, fruit, monkey bread, cheese, hot cocoa, and juice. Yum! 

For some reason, these two insisted on making silly faces for the camera.

There. That's better.

The girls know what to do when someone says, "Cheese."

Honestly, we were all really very happy just being together.

The good food certainly didn't hurt.

Saylor discovered a new instrument. And loved it! She was quite the entertaining drummer. I promise you...she even twirled her drumstick once! Cracked me up.

There were boys enthralled with video games everywhere one looked.

Even the big boys.

There were sports.

And girlie things.

And, of course, presents!

Even sound effects!

Once we were done feasting, some of the family attended a wedding while others napped. And then we visited a bit more at Mimi and Da's house. While there, our spunky, little niece discovered dust particles floating in the air. (She called them "fireflies," but who wants to argue with that much cuteness?) She and Saylor tried catching them for a while.

I think she may have caught a few this time.

If not, she certainly caught the spirit of the day. 

Joy. It's contagious.

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