Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's in the Workbox?

I mentioned way back here that Noah was doing school via a "workbox" system. I'm still trying to work the whole system out where the other kids are concerned. You know. Without buying four. separate. carts. to crowd me out of my own kitchen.

But, in the meantime, I thought I'd share what sorts of things go in Noah's workboxes.

For today:

1. We started a new spelling curriculum...and Mommy here loves it. We're not all that far in, but it's great how it takes into account all learning styles and provides opportunities to practice words in many different ways. Today he has a practice page and then will spell all of his words using letter cards. (Yesterday he wrote his words in the carpet.)

2. He will read from his story Bible and then summarize for me what he read. (Ordinarily, he would also have a chapter book in here (or somewhere in the workboxes), but we've misplaced it...somehow. Ahem.)

3. Yesterday Noah wrote an expository paragraph using an outline. Today he will need to recopy the paragraph on lined paper for a final draft.

4. Noah's handwriting has finally been improving lately. I don't know that it's necessarily because of this curriculum, but I do really like it because the lessons are not too long (and therefore not overly discouraging for my boy who struggles with the whole handwriting thing), and they give him another opportunity to memorize Scripture.

5. Gabriel has his own (speech therapy) homework, so sometimes I enlist Noah's help. It's good for both of them to spend time together like this.

6. This box has The Story of the World on CD for him to listen to while he creates a sticker robot with his little stocking stuffer.

7. A math page (front and back) with optional bean counters.

8. One of the most beneficial activities I've found so far is having Noah make some sort of list with me. (And not just because I'm a list junkie either.) He feels less pressure for perfection AND we have a lot of great, meaningful discussion regarding phonetic rules and exceptions.

9. This is Noah's "Number Scroll." Each page is 100 squares. Noah fills in the numbers and then we tape them together to make one big, long scroll wrapped around a paper towel roll. I think he's somewhere in the 600's at this point. A great independent math activity that leads to greater overall number sense.

10. I usually have something fun as a motivator in the last box. Maybe a puzzle or a game to play with me. But today he gets to start robot construction. (He just got it for Christmas!)

Obviously, some days we are reading from a history book or working on a lapbook or doing some sort of art project. But that's the beauty of homeschooling. We don't have to do the exact same things every day. Stay tuned. Maybe I'll share some of Saylor's day soon. 


  1. love it!! is everything in one box or each broken down to smaller boxes?

  2. Oh, yeah. I guess I didn't clarify. It's a cart (actually for scrapbooking) with 10 removable drawers.

  3. I am loving everything I have read and seen with everyone that uses workboxes...I am thinking this is the way to go for Micah. He needs to know what comes next and I can see how well it can adapt from his little activities to full on subjects and assignments later in life.

  4. i love the idea of workboxes and have 2 sets of them set up in our loft for the girlies... but i need to get in the habit of filling them!! i'm on the look-out for a new spelling program... i'll follow your link.

  5. Do you need the teacher's manual for spelling?

  6. I wish they'd had the handwriting book when I was in school - I made "c"s on handwriting until they stopped grading us on it. Wonder why no one told me I should be a doctor?


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