Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I have to say one thing right now. PLEASE do not read this menu if you do not genuinely want to. Because I know what it's like to read things like this (or even just to know about other people's lives, etc.) and to compare myself to them, only to feel like I don't nearly measure up in the end. Certainly, it is no one's intention to make anyone feel like that, but it's what we do to ourselves. We punish ourselves. Our lives are not the same. We live in various circumstances and have various personality styles. We need to remember that about people. As with any and all of my blog posts, I absolutely don't post these menus to "show off." (Boy, if you only knew what goes on around here...!) I post to help myself be more organized, to remember things, to hold myself accountable for following through with a plan, and, hopefully, to provide menu ideas for those looking for them. Whew! Okay. I just had to get that off my chest.


Breakfast: Baked oatmeal, scrambled eggs

Lunch: Tomato soup, crackers

Dinner: Pasta with chicken in lemon dill cream sauce; salad

To do: Boil eggs


Breakfast: Leftover baked oatmeal

Lunch: Hard-boiled eggs, cheese, carrots, bananas with flax seed meal

To do: Soak beans

Dinner: Grilled salmon, roasted new potatoes, green beans

To do: Soak flour for muffins


Breakfast: Soaked muffins, scrambled eggs

Lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches, fruit

Dinner: Brown beans, cornbread, baked sweet potatoes

To do: Grind and soak flour for bread


Breakfast: Kefir smoothies, muffins

To do: Bake bread, make stock

Lunch: Tuna sandwiches, fruit

Dinner: Eating at friends' house. Bring something TBD


Breakfast: Cooked-to-order eggs, leftover sweet potatoes

Lunch: Fresh bread and butter, apples

Dinner: Leftover beans (refried) with cheese and sour cream, chips, carrots, fruit


To do: Prepare "breakfast casserole" to rest in fridge

Breakfast: Daddy's Choice

Lunch: Daddy's Choice

Dinner: Breakfast for supper


Breakfast: Toast or bagels, fruit

Lunch: Daddy's Choice

Dinner: Popcorn Night

Other menu plans can be found at Organizing Junkie.

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