Sunday, February 7, 2010

Project 365: Week 6

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Our church is small, which we love. And our church does not require our kids to go be taught by other people in contained classrooms while the "adults" worship. And this we love. Instead, we are given a monthly packet of curriculum to use at home. The materials correspond with questions from the First Catechism, which is something we are teaching the kids. For the month of January the questions revolved around the Creation, so for a culminating project the kids were to create a papier-mache globe and bring it to church. We did three (because Child #3 has "Me, Too" Syndrome): one big globe, one medium-sized globe, and one wee, little baby globe. (Random allusion to The Three Bears. Did y'all catch that?) Their reward was a free Chik-Fil-A sandwich...each. Yum!


The last of the snow melted today, leaving lots upon lots of mud. This means more laundry (and mopping, apparently) for Mommy.


Groundhog Day. We made a little paper craft. OUR groundhogs most certainly did NOT see their shadows!! (Shame on Punxsutawney Phil!)


Getting into first position (and lamenting the fact that her laces are sticking out). It's dance day again!


I was a zombie for Academy today, thanks to Atticus waking up at 5:30 and screaming for over two hours (so weird). Sore throat, maybe? But thankfully, it was rainy so the students stayed in for recess (my least favorite part about school), and I got to play this game with a very funny kindergartner.

Ever played Guess Who?


As Noah is studying about Amelia Earhart right now, we spent pretty much the whole day making every kind of paper airplane known to man.


Paul took Noah to help out at a church friend's place. While they were busy cutting down trees, I was busy cutting one little guy's shaggy mop.

That was my week. Thanks, Sara, for hosting!


  1. Lori, what church do you go to

    I love that idea and the globes are great.

    having older kids....I don't deal with the muddy laundry too much any more, however with that comes not playing in the snow with them too. :(

    Guess who was one of our favorite games!

    I was never very good at making paper brother was the best.

    great week!

  2. Love Guess Who?! My girls got the new one for Christmas that has cards you can change in and out for a greater variety. We had practically worn out the original version.

    We won't see mud for a looong while here in DC, but I do feel your pain.

    Thanks for sharing your week!

  3. Great pictures!

    Never heard of Guess Who, we played Clue Jr. when mine were always little and I always lost, sad but true!


  4. I like the idea of the kids being with the adults during worship time. The church we used to attend had that mindset and I definately miss that.

    What Catechisms are you using? My husband has been introducing the kids Catechisms with our 3 year old. We get it off of

    Your globes are SO cute (the sizes).

    Sorry about the mopping. :( Clean floors are one of my biggest pet peeves.

    Great job! I will be back next week!

  5. The globes are too cute! And yes, we were very disappointed with Phil :(. Not that we ever expect spring early around here!

  6. Your kids are so cute and the globes look really good. Love the little one's hair cut too.

  7. I love the little ballerina picture, so cute. I love Guess Who and it is still a favorite of my little girl. Love the mud...not!!

    Great pictures

  8. Those are great pictures. So nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. To answer your son is sleeping on a blanket we got at target. Fleece on one side and fur like fabric on the other side. Not sure what it is called. LOL
    Yes, I love the health food store color. It doesn't smell, itch or burn. LOVE IT! It costs about $10 more, but I think it is so worth it.
    WE love guess who. It is so fun we even have guess where. Fun also.
    I made a cool paper airplane from youtube instructions. LOL

  9. I'll go with what your groundhog says!!!

    I love that game "Guess Who" me & my husband actually have played it together - how funny is that?!?!

  10. Guess Who was always one of our favorite games! Now they also have Guess Where?

    Lori-- Keep up the good work with the little ones. I can tell you enjoy them very much. Trust me, they grow up faster than you could ever imagine and you will always treasure the time spent with them. If they don't already, they will most surely "rise and call you blessed."

  11. Great week Lori! Not a fan of the mud, but the picture captures exactly what we go through, doesn't it?
    Paper airplanes are popular around here too, but only if Daddy makes them. Mine are no good!

  12. The mud looks familiar! LOVE the globes and the game - brings back memories!

  13. I'm sitting here enjoying the music on your blog "sweet pea"...hard to write and sway at the same time ha
    You have a sweet ballerina. My granddaughter is our sweet ballerina and very good too. Her yearly competition is coming up soon.
    Growing up on the mission field also in a small church plant, we always sat through services with the adults and I learned so much from listening to my dad's sermons.


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